2011, Vol. 14, Issue 3

Special Issue on "Knowledge Visualization for Learning and Knowledge Management"

Guest Editor(s): Minhong Wang and Michael J. Jacobson

Special Issue ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Guest Editorial - Knowledge Visualization for Learning and Knowledge Management

Minhong Wang, Michael J. Jacobson

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Visualizing Topic Flow in Students?Essays

Stephen T. O'Rourke, Rafael A. Calvo, Danielle S. McNamara

Pages 4?5 ABSTRACT Download Article[275 Kb]

Concept Maps as Cognitive Visualizations of Writing Assignments

Jorge Villalon, Rafael A. Calvo

Pages 16?7 ABSTRACT Download Article[194 Kb]

Knowledge Visualization for Self-Regulated Learning

Minhong Wang, Jun Peng, Bo Cheng, Hance Zhou, Jie Liu

Pages 28?2 ABSTRACT Download Article[808 Kb]

Using Computer-Assisted Multiple Representations in Learning Geometry Proofs

Wing-Kwong Wong, Sheng-Kai Yin, Hsi-Hsun Yang, Ying-Hao Cheng

Pages 43?4 ABSTRACT Download Article[442 Kb]

Learning as ‘Knowing? Towards Retaining and Visualizing Use in Virtual Settings

Demosthenes Akoumianakis

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Full Length ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Screen-capturing System with Two-layer Display for PowerPoint Presentation to Enhance Classroom Education

Yen-Shou Lai, Hung-Hsu Tsai, Pao-Ta Yu

Pages 69?1 ABSTRACT Download Article[738 Kb]

Metacognitive Process in Online Text Construction

Hui-Chin Yeh, Yu-Fen Yang

Pages 82?01 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,069 Kb]

A Systematic Approach for Learner Group Composition Utilizing U-Learning Portfolio

Yueh-Min Huang, Ting-Ting Wu

Pages 102?17 ABSTRACT Download Article[787 Kb]

Using Online EFL Interaction to Increase Confidence, Motivation, and Ability

Wen-chi Vivian Wu, Ling Ling Yen, Michael Marek

Pages 118?29 ABSTRACT Download Article[313 Kb]

Investigation of Organizational Interaction and Support in an NGO through Computer-Mediated Discussions

Yao-Jen Chang, Yao-Sheng Chang

Pages 130?40 ABSTRACT Download Article[174 Kb]

A Simulation Model that Decreases Faculty Concerns about Adopting Web-Based Instruction

Hae-Deok Song, Wei-Tsong Wang, Chao-Yueh Liu

Pages 141?51 ABSTRACT Download Article[614 Kb]

Identification of Dysfunctional Cooperative Learning Teams Using Taguchi Quality Indexes

Chin-Min Hsiung

Pages 152?62 ABSTRACT Download Article[155 Kb]

Web-based Spatial Training Using Handheld Touch Screen Devices

Norena Martin-Dorta, Jose Luis Saorin, Manuel Contero

Pages 163?77 ABSTRACT Download Article[610 Kb]

Using Reflective Peer Assessment to Promote Students?Conceptual Understanding through Asynchronous Discussions

Huann-shyang Lin, Zuway-R Hong, Hsin-Hui Wang, Sung-Tao Lee

Pages 178?89 ABSTRACT Download Article[234 Kb]

Supporting Mobile Collaborative Activities through Scaffolded Flexible Grouping

Ivica Boticki, Chee-Kit Looi, Lung-Hsiang Wong

Pages 190?02 ABSTRACT Download Article[514 Kb]

QTIMaps: A Model to Enable Web Maps in Assessment

Toni Navarrete, Patricia Santos, Davinia Hernández-Leo, Josep Blat

Pages 203?17 ABSTRACT Download Article[676 Kb]

Evaluation of the Learning Path Specification

José Janssen, Adriana J. Berlanga, Rob Koper

Pages 218?30 ABSTRACT Download Article[226 Kb]

AUPress: A Comparison of an Open Access University Press with Traditional Presses

Rory McGreal, Nian-Shing Chen

Pages 231?39 ABSTRACT Download Article[103 Kb]

Building Lectures and Building Bridges with Socio-economically Disadvantaged Students

Peter Phillips, Birgit Loch

Pages 240?51 ABSTRACT Download Article[349 Kb]

Generic Educational Knowledge Representation for Adaptive and Cognitive Systems

Arturo Caravantes, Ramón Galán

Pages 252?66 ABSTRACT Download Article[598 Kb]
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