2006, Vol. 9, Issue 4

Special Issue on "E-learning and Human-Computer Interaction: Exploring Design Synergies for more Effective Learning Experiences"

Guest Editor(s): Alan Dix, Teresa Roselli and Erkki Sutinen

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Editorial: E-learning and Human-Computer Interaction: Exploring Design Synergies for more Effective Learning Experiences

Alan Dix, Teresa Roselli, Erkki Sutinen

Pages 1-2   Download Article[114 Kb]

Automatically Producing Accessible Learning Objects

Angelo Di Iorio, Antonio Angelo Feliziani, Silvia Mirri, Paola Salomoni, Fabio Vitali

Pages 3-16 ABSTRACT Download Article[532 Kb]

A Boosting Approach to eContent Development for Learners with Special Needs

Silvia Gabrielli, Valeria Mirabella, Stephen Kimani, Tiziana Catarci

Pages 17-26 ABSTRACT Download Article[360 Kb]

Supporting Students with a Personal Advisor

Berardina De Carolis, Sebastiano Pizzutilo, Giovanni Cozzolongo, Pawel Drozda, Francesca Muci

Pages 27-41 ABSTRACT Download Article[619 Kb]

eLSE Methodology: a Systematic Approach to the e-Learning Systems Evaluation

Rosa Lanzilotti, Carmelo Ardito, Maria F. Costabile, Antonella De Angeli

Pages 42-53 ABSTRACT Download Article[231 Kb]

Cooperative Project-based Learning in a Web-based Software Engineering Course

Nicola Piccinini, Giuseppe Scollo

Pages 54-62 ABSTRACT Download Article[180 Kb]
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Discussion Tool Effects on Collaborative Learning and Social Network Structure

Astrid Tomsic and Daniel D. Suthers

Pages 63-77 ABSTRACT Download Article[803 Kb]

Institutional Potential for Online Learning: A Hong Kong Case Study

Sue L. Donoghue

Pages 78-94 ABSTRACT Download Article[275 Kb]

Reuse- and Aspect-Oriented Courseware Development

Khaldoun Ateyeh and Peter C. Lockemann

Pages 95-113 ABSTRACT Download Article[918 Kb]

Using Online Education Technologies to Support Studio Instruction

Diane M. Bender, Jon D. Vredevoogd

Pages 114-122 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,578 Kb]

The Effect of Video Presentation in a CBT Environment

Ali Reza Montazemi

Pages 123-138 ABSTRACT Download Article[251 Kb]

Web-based Tools for Designing and Developing Teaching Materials for Integration of Information Technology into Instruction

Kuo-En Chang, Yao-Ting Sung, Huei-Tse Hou

Pages 139-149 ABSTRACT Download Article[266 Kb]

Enhancing user support in open problem solving environments through Bayesian Network inference techniques

Nikolaos Tselios, Adrian Stoica, Manolis Maragoudakis, Nikolaos Avouris, Vassilis Komis

Pages 150-165 ABSTRACT Download Article[659 Kb]

All Aboard - Destination Unknown: A Sociological Discussion of Online Learning

Andra K. Goldberg, Frances Julia Riemer

Pages 166-172 ABSTRACT Download Article[163 Kb]

A Systemic Plan of Technology Integration

Pi-Sui Hsu, Priya Sharma

Pages 173-184 ABSTRACT Download Article[201 Kb]

Surviving the shipwreck: what makes online students stay online and learn?

Johannes C. Cronjé, Debbie E. Adendorff, Salome M. Meyer, Linda van Ryneveld

Pages 185-193 ABSTRACT Download Article[332 Kb]

Innovative Web-based Professional Development for Teachers of At-Risk Preschool Children

Mable B. Kinzie, Stephen D. Whitaker, Kathy Neesen, Michael Kelley, Michael Matera, Robert C. Pianta

Pages 194-204 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,861 Kb]

How Does Educational Technology Benefit Humanity? Five Years of Evidence

Pedro Hernández-Ramos

Pages 205-214 ABSTRACT Download Article[201 Kb]

Interoperability for Individual Learner Centred Accessibility for Web-based Educational Systems

Liddy Nevile, Jutta Treviranus

Pages 215-227 ABSTRACT Download Article[290 Kb]

Reengineering Framework for Systems in Education

Christophe Choquet and Alain Corbière

Pages 228-241 ABSTRACT Download Article[302 Kb]
Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Web-Based Intelligent e-Learning Systems: Technologies and Applications

Reviewer: Charalampos Karagiannidis

Pages 242-243   Download Article[121 Kb]

Visual Media and the Humanities: A Pedagogy of Representation

Reviewer: Lauren Glenn

Pages 244-245   Download Article[120 Kb]
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