1999, Vol. 2, Issue 4

Special Issue on "Embedding Ubiquitous Use of Technology"

Guest Editor(s): Chris O'Hagan

Formal Discussion SummariesTimes Downloaded:

Technology and the Biological Basis of Learning

Moderator(s): Robert N. Leamnson, Summarizer(s): Muhammad K. Betz

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The role of computer programming in education

Moderator(s): Ken Kahn, Summarizer(s): Harriette L. Spiegel

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Flexible Learning: Can we really please everyone?

Moderator(s): Alan Holzl, Summarizer(s): Reema Khurana

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Conference AnnouncementsTimes Downloaded:

TEND2000 - International Conference on the Role of Technical Education and National Development

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Special Issue ArticlesTimes Downloaded:


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Embedding Ubiquitous Use of Educational Technology: is it possible, do we want it and, if so, how do we achieve it?

Chris O'Hagan

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Sub-Theme:Reflective Discussions on the Theme

Educational Technology - An Unstoppable Force: A Selective Review of Research into the Effectiveness of Educational Media

Ken Spencer

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Towards a Holistic Model for the Diffusion of Educational Technologies: An Integrative Review of Educational Innovation Studies

Kim E. Dooley

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Sub-Theme:Challenges to Conventional Diffusion Theory and Research

The Relevance of Media as Artifact: Technology Situated in Context

Andrew Agostino

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Collective Representations and Educational Technology as School Reform: Or, How Not to Produce a Cargo Cult

Sara Dexter

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Appropriate and Appropriated Technology: Technological Literacy and Educational Software Standards

Martin Owen

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Sub-Theme:Case Studies

Developing and Evaluating a University-wide Online Distributed Learning System: The Experience at RMIT University

Carmel McNaught, John Kenny, Paul Kennedy, Ross Lord

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Embedding the Acquisition of Technological Literacy: A Case Study

Darien Rossiter, Kerry Bagdon

Pages 82-91 HTML Download Article[138 Kb]

Discriminating Factors in Faculty Use of Instructional Technology in Higher Education

Thomas H. Spotts

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Computers in FE biology – a study of how teachers’ classroom practice can be affected by different types of software

Jane Barnard

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A Study of the Adoption of Computer Technology by Teachers

Larry M. Dooley, Teri Metcalf, Ann Martinez

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Sub-Theme:Short Experiential Snapshots

A Distant Monologue

Karen Norum

Pages 116-118 HTML Download Article[34 Kb]

Pedagogical Reflections from an Instructional Technology Workshop

Virginia W. Kupritz, Dr Stanley K. McDaniel

Pages 119-121 HTML Download Article[43 Kb]

Online Learning at Coventry University: You Can Lead a Horse to Water ...

Frances Deepwell, Andy Syson

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Ubiquitous Mobile Computing: UMC's model and success

Dan Lim

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Use of IT with Learning-Disabled Populations: Problems and Challenges

J. M. Wilding

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Sub-Theme:Book Reviews

Lifelong Learning on the Information Highway

Norman Woolley, Mark Broom, Wayne Preece

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Full Length ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Problem-solving in a Constructivist Environment

Lee Chien Sing

Pages 137-145 HTML Download Article[89 Kb]

The Effects of a Computer-Based Instructional Management System on Student Communications in a Distance Learning Environment

Scott B. Wegner, Kenneth C. Holloway, Sandra K. Wegner

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Short ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

A picture or a 1000 words?

Kate Hand

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WebSite ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Usability Feedback in Educational Interfaces

Reviewer: Pericles V. Gomes

Pages 157-158 HTML Download Article[30 Kb]

University of Sydney Library Education Internet Guide

Reviewer: Jonathan Benda

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Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Computers as Tutors: Solving the Crisis in Education

Reviewer: Chris Jesshope

Pages 161-162 HTML Download Article[30 Kb]

Computers as Tutors: Solving the Crisis in Education

Reviewer: Zygmunt Scheidlinger

Pages 163-164 HTML Download Article[30 Kb]
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