2006, Vol. 9, Issue 3

Special Issue on "Next Generation e-Learning Systems: Intelligent Applications and Smart Design"

Guest Editor(s): Demetrios G. Sampson and Peter Goodyear

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Next Generation e-Learning Systems: Intelligent Applications and Smart Design (Guest Editorial)

Demetrios G. Sampson, Peter Goodyear

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A Particle Swarm Optimization Approach to Composing Serial Test Sheets for Multiple Assessment Criteria

Peng-Yeng Yin, Kuang-Cheng Chang, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Gwo-Haur Hwang, Ying Chan

Pages 3-15 ABSTRACT Download Article[668 Kb]

Modeling Peer Assessment as Agent Negotiation in a Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Environment

K. Robert Lai, Chung Hsien Lan

Pages 16-26 ABSTRACT Download Article[284 Kb]

Ontology Mapping and Merging through OntoDNA for Learning Object Reusability

Ching-Chieh Kiu, Chien-Sing Lee

Pages 27-42 ABSTRACT Download Article[614 Kb]

FODEM: developing digital learning environments in widely dispersed learning communities

Jarkko Suhonen, Erkki Sutinen

Pages 43-55 ABSTRACT Download Article[628 Kb]

From Research Resources to Learning Objects: Process Model and Virtualization Experiences

José Luis Sierra, Alfredo Fernández-Valmayor, Mercedes Guinea, Héctor Hernanz

Pages 56-68 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,006 Kb]

Mining Formative Evaluation Rules Using Web-based Learning Portfolios for Web-based Learning Systems

Chih-Ming Chen, Chin-Ming Hong, Shyuan-Yi Chen, Chao-Yu Liu

Pages 69-87 ABSTRACT Download Article[780 Kb]

Formal Method of Description Supporting Portfolio Assessment

Yasuhiko Morimoto, Maomi Ueno, Isao Kikukawa, Setsuo Yokoyama, Youzou Miyadera

Pages 88-99 ABSTRACT Download Article[555 Kb]

A Systemic Activity based Approach for Holistic Learning & Training Systems

Hansjörg von Brevern, Kateryna Synytsya

Pages 100-111 ABSTRACT Download Article[880 Kb]
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Campus Laptops: What Logistical and Technological Factors are Perceived Critical?

Robert Cutshall, Chuleeporn Changchit, Susan Elwood

Pages 112-121 ABSTRACT Download Article[214 Kb]

Students?Preferences on Web-Based Instruction: linear or non-linear

Nergiz Ercil Cagiltay, Soner Yildirim, Meral Aksu

Pages 122-136 ABSTRACT Download Article[698 Kb]

Student-Generated Visualization as a Study Strategy for Science Concept Learning

Yi-Chuan Jane Hsieh, Lauren Cifuentes

Pages 137-148 ABSTRACT Download Article[199 Kb]

On Improving Spatial Ability Through Computer-Mediated Engineering Drawing Instruction

Ahmad Rafi, Khairul Anuar Samsudin, Azniah Ismail

Pages 149-159 ABSTRACT Download Article[310 Kb]

Massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) in the new media classroom

Aaron Delwiche

Pages 160-172 ABSTRACT Download Article[231 Kb]

A Web environment to encourage students to do exercises outside the classroom: A case study

Laurence Capus, Frédéric Curvat, Olivier Leclair, Nicole Tourigny

Pages 173-181 ABSTRACT Download Article[296 Kb]

The effect of LEGO Training on Pupils?School Performance in Mathematics, Problem Solving Ability and Attitude: Swedish Data

Shakir Hussain, Jörgen Lindh, Ghazi Shukur

Pages 182-194 ABSTRACT Download Article[229 Kb]

The Effects of a Computer-Assisted Interview Tool on Data Quality

Justus J. Randolph, Marjo Virnes, Ilkka Jormanainen, Pasi J. Eronen

Pages 195-205 ABSTRACT Download Article[294 Kb]

Data for School Improvement: Factors for designing effective information systems to support decision-making in schools

Andreas Breiter, Daniel Light

Pages 206-217 ABSTRACT Download Article[282 Kb]

Component Exchange Community: A model of utilizing research components to foster international collaboration

Yi-Chan Deng, Taiyu Lin, Kinshuk, Tak-Wai Chan

Pages 218-231 ABSTRACT Download Article[544 Kb]

A Visualization Tool for Managing and Studying Online Communications

William J. Gibbs, Vladimir Olexa, Ronan S. Bernas

Pages 232-243 ABSTRACT Download Article[346 Kb]

An ICT-mediated Constructivist Approach for increasing academic support and teaching critical thinking skills

Dick Ng’ambi, Kevin Johnston

Pages 244-253 ABSTRACT Download Article[352 Kb]
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