2008, Vol. 11, Issue 1

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Supporting Classroom Activities with the BSUL System

Hiroaki Ogata, Nobuji A. Saito, Rosa G. Paredes J., Gerardo Ayala San Martin, Yoneo Yano

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Analysis of Problem-Solving-Based Online Asynchronous Discussion Pattern

Huei-Tse Hou, Kuo-En Chang, Yao-Ting Sung

Pages 17-28 ABSTRACT Download Article[294 Kb]

Diagnosis Mechanism and Feedback System to Accomplish the Full-Loop Learning Architecture

Jia-Sheng Heh, Shao-Chun Li, Alex Chang, Maiga Chang, Tzu-Chien Liu

Pages 29-44 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,482 Kb]

Streaming Videos in Peer Assessment to Support Training Pre-service Teachers

Cheng-Chih Wu, Hue-Ching Kao

Pages 45-55 ABSTRACT Download Article[763 Kb]

A Collaborative Virtual Environment for Situated Language Learning Using VEC3D

Ya-Chun Shih, Mau-Tsuen Yang

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Evaluating the Use of ICT in Education: Psychometric Properties of the Survey of Factors Affecting Teachers Teaching with Technology (SFA-T3)

Elena C. Papanastasiou, Charoula Angeli

Pages 69-86 ABSTRACT Download Article[223 Kb]

A Genre-Based Perspective for the Development of Communicative Computerized Adaptive Tests

Javier López-Cuadrado, Ana J. Armendariz, Marion Latapy, Philippe Lopistéguy

Pages 87-101 ABSTRACT Download Article[310 Kb]

ELO-Tool: Taking Action in the Challenge of Assembling Learning Objects

Liliana Patricia Santacruz-Valencia, Antonio Navarro, Carlos Delgado Kloos, Ignacio Aedo

Pages 102-117 ABSTRACT Download Article[478 Kb]

Design and Development of Virtual Reality: Analysis of Challenges Faced by Educators

Kami Hanson, Brett E. Shelton

Pages 118-131 ABSTRACT Download Article[478 Kb]

Communication Behaviors and Trust in Collaborative Online Teams

Saniye Tugba Bulu, Zahide Yildirim

Pages 132-147 ABSTRACT Download Article[647 Kb]

An Enhanced Genetic Approach to Composing Cooperative Learning Groups for Multiple Grouping Criteria

Gwo-Jen Hwang, Peng-Yeng Yin, Chi-Wei Hwang, Chin-Chung Tsai

Pages 148-167 ABSTRACT Download Article[519 Kb]

Get set! e-Ready, ?e-Learn! The e-Readiness of Warehouse Workers

Hermanus B. Moolman, Seugnet Blignaut

Pages 168-182 ABSTRACT Download Article[271 Kb]

A Study of Studentís Perceptions in a Blended Learning Environment Based on Different Learning Styles

Buket Akkoyunlu, Meryem Yilmaz Soylu

Pages 183-193 ABSTRACT Download Article[208 Kb]

User Modeling in Adaptive Hypermedia Educational Systems

António Constantino Martins, Luíz Faria, Carlos Vaz de Carvalho, Eurico Carrapatoso

Pages 194-207 ABSTRACT Download Article[368 Kb]

A Study of the Feasibility of Network Tutorial System in Taiwan

Jui-Man Chiu, Wei-Liang Liu

Pages 208-225 ABSTRACT Download Article[2,068 Kb]

Internet self-efficacy and preferences toward constructivist Internet-based learning environments: A study of pre-school teachers in Taiwan

Jyh-Chong Liang, Chin-Chung Tsai

Pages 226-237 ABSTRACT Download Article[212 Kb]

Valuation of IT Courses ?A Contingent Valuation Method Approach

Chao-ning Liao, LiChun Chiang

Pages 238-247 ABSTRACT Download Article[265 Kb]

Insights into Innovative Classroom Practices with ICT: Identifying the Impetus for Change

Emily M.L. Wong, Sandy S.C. Li, Tat-heung Choi, Tsz-ngong Lee

Pages 248-265 ABSTRACT Download Article[244 Kb]

Factors affecting teachers?perceived readiness for online collaborative learning: A case study in Malaysia

Ah-Choo Koo

Pages 266-278 ABSTRACT Download Article[301 Kb]

Dynamic Media in Computer Science Education; Content Complexity and Learning Performance: Is Less More?

Andreas Holzinger, Michael Kickmeier-Rust, Dietrich Albert

Pages 279-290 ABSTRACT Download Article[527 Kb]

Analysis of Elementary School Web Sites

Richard Hartshorne, Adam Friedman, Bob Algozzine, Daljit Kaur

Pages 291-303 ABSTRACT Download Article[210 Kb]

Importance of Diversified Leadership Roles in Improving Team Effectiveness in a Virtual Collaboration Learning Environment

Charlie C. Chen, Jiinpo Wu, Samuel C. Yang, Hsin-Yi Tsou

Pages 304-321 ABSTRACT Download Article[327 Kb]

Assessing academic performance between traditional and distance education course formats

Mark G. Urtel

Pages 322-330 ABSTRACT Download Article[178 Kb]
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