2015, Vol. 18, Issue 1

Special Issue on "Overcoming the Technological Hurdles Facing Virtual Worlds in Education: The Road to Widespread Deployment"

Guest Editor(s): Leonel Morgado, Baltasar Fernández Manjón and Christian Gütl

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Overcoming the Technological Hurdles Facing Virtual Worlds in Education: The Road to Widespread Deployment

Leonel Morgado, Baltasar Fernández Manjón, Christian Gütl

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Barriers and Enablers to the Use of Virtual Worlds in Higher Education: An Exploration of Educator Perceptions, Attitudes and Experiences

Sue Gregory, Sheila Scutter, Lisa Jacka, Marcus McDonald, Helen Farley, Chris Newman

Pages 3-12 ABSTRACT Download Article[469 Kb]

Coming Down to Earth: Helping Teachers Use 3D Virtual Worlds in Across-Spaces Learning Situations

Juan A. Muñoz-Cristóbal, Luis P. Prieto, Juan I. Asensio-Pérez, Alejandra Martínez-Monés, Iván M. Jorrín-Abellán, Yannis Dimitriadis

Pages 13-26 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,154 Kb]

Toward Educational Virtual Worlds: Should Identity Federation Be a Concern?

Gonçalo Cruz, António Costa, Paulo Martins, Ramiro Gonçalves, João Barroso

Pages 27-36 ABSTRACT Download Article[342 Kb]

Technical Problems Experienced in the Transformation of Virtual Worlds into an Education Environment and Coping Strategies

Murat Coban, Turkan Karakus, Fatma Gunay, Yuksel Goktas

Pages 37-49 ABSTRACT Download Article[310 Kb]

Distributed Pervasive Worlds: The Case of Exergames

Teemu H. Laine, Carolina Islas Sedano

Pages 50-66 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,296 Kb]
Full Length ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

What is the Relationship between Technology and Mathematics Teaching Anxiety?

Enver Tatar, Yılmaz Zengin, Türkan Berrin Kağızmanlı

Pages 67-76 ABSTRACT Download Article[634 Kb]

Validating the Learning Cycle Models of Business Simulation Games via Student Perceived Gains in Skills and Knowledge

Yu-Hui Tao, C. Rosa Yeh, Kung Chin Hung

Pages 77-90 ABSTRACT Download Article[642 Kb]

A Learning Cycle Approach to Developing Educational Computer Game for Improving Students' Learning and Awareness in Electric Energy Consumption and Conservation

Ugyen Dorji, Patcharin Panjaburee, Niwat Srisawasdi

Pages 91-105 ABSTRACT Download Article[812 Kb]

The Impact of Digital Mobile Devices in Higher Education

M.ª Luisa Sevillano-García, Esteban Vázquez-Cano

Pages 106-118 ABSTRACT Download Article[855 Kb]

Aptitude-Treatment Interactions during Creativity Training in E-Learning: How Meaning-Making, Self-Regulation, and Knowledge Management Influence Creativity

Yu-chu Yeh, Chun Fu Lin

Pages 119-131 ABSTRACT Download Article[582 Kb]

Development and Use of an Adaptive Learning Environment to Research Online Study Behaviour

Anna Helga Jonsdottir, Audbjorg Jakobsdottir, Gunnar Stefansson

Pages 132-144 ABSTRACT Download Article[804 Kb]

Integrating Learning Services in the Cloud: An Approach that Benefits Both Systems and Learning

Gustavo Gutiérrez-Carreón, Thanasis Daradoumis, Josep Jorba

Pages 145-157 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,185 Kb]

Exploring the Profiles and Interplays of Pre-service and In-service Teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) in China

Yan Dong, Ching Sing Chai, Guo-Yuan Sang, Joyce Hwee Ling Koh, Chin-Chung Tsai

Pages 158-169 ABSTRACT Download Article[745 Kb]

Blending Face-to-Face Higher Education with Web-Based Lectures: Comparing Different Didactical Application Scenarios

Hannelore Montrieux, Sandra Vangestel, Annelies Raes, Paul Matthys, Tammy Schellens

Pages 170-182 ABSTRACT Download Article[745 Kb]

A Pilot Meta-Analysis of Computer-Based Scaffolding in STEM Education

Brian R. Belland, Andrew E. Walker, Megan Whitney Olsen, Heather Leary

Pages 183-197 ABSTRACT Download Article[649 Kb]

A Two-Tier Test-based Approach to Improving Students' Computer-Programming Skills in a Web-Based Learning Environment

Tzu-Chi Yang, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Stephen J. H. Yang, Gwo-Haur Hwang

Pages 198-210 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,325 Kb]

The Exploration of Elementary School Teachers' Internet Self-Efficacy and Information Commitments: A Study in Taiwan

Ying-Tien Wu, Li-Jen Wang

Pages 211-222 ABSTRACT Download Article[661 Kb]

Social Presence and Interaction in Learning Environments: The Effect on Student Success

Ines Kožuh, Zoran Jeremić, Andrej Sarjaš, Julija Lapuh Bele, Vladan Devedžić, Matjaž Debevc

Pages 223-236 ABSTRACT Download Article[810 Kb]

Exploring the Relationship between Sanctioned and Unsanctioned Laptop Use in a 1:1 Classroom

Martin Tallvid, Johan Lundin, Lars Svensson, Berner Lindström

Pages 237-249 ABSTRACT Download Article[736 Kb]

The Effectiveness of Adopting E-Readers to Facilitate EFL Students' Process-Based Academic Writing

Hui-Chun Hung, Shelley Shwu-Ching Young

Pages 250-263 ABSTRACT Download Article[915 Kb]

Effects of Worked Examples Using Manipulatives on Fifth Graders' Learning Performance and Attitude toward Mathematics

Chun-Yi Lee, Ming-Jang Chen

Pages 264-275 ABSTRACT Download Article[841 Kb]

Learning Faults Detection by AIS Techniques in CSCL Environments

Amina Zedadra, Yacine Lafifi

Pages 276-291 ABSTRACT Download Article[957 Kb]

Role of Parents and Annotation Sharing in Children's Learning Behavior and Achievement using E-Readers

Wu-Yuin Hwang, Yi-Fan Liu, Hon-Ren Chen, Jian-Wun Huang, Jin-Yi Li

Pages 292-307 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,135 Kb]

Mobile Enhanced Learning in a South African Context

Mmaki Jantjies, Mike Joy

Pages 308-320 ABSTRACT Download Article[613 Kb]

Measuring Knowledge Elaboration Based on a Computer-Assisted Knowledge Map Analytical Approach to Collaborative Learning

Lanqin Zheng, Ronghuai Huang, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Kaicheng Yang

Pages 321-336 ABSTRACT Download Article[938 Kb]

Does Gender Influence Emotions Resulting from Positive Applause Feedback in Self-Assessment Testing? Evidence from Neuroscience

Chia-Ju Liu, Chin-Fei Huang, Ming-Chi Liu, Yu-Cheng Chien, Chia-Hung Lai, Yueh-Min Huang

Pages 337-350 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,069 Kb]
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