2017, Vol. 20, Issue 4

Special Issue on "Fostering Deep Learning in Problem-Solving Contexts with the Support of Technology"

Guest Editor(s): Minhong Wang, Sharon Derry and Xun Ge

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Middle School Students?Mathematics Knowledge Retention: Online or Face-to-Face Environments

Clayton M. Edwards, Audrey C. Rule, Robert M. Boody

Pages 1-10 ABSTRACT Download Article[504 Kb]

Recommending Learning Activities in Social Network Using Data Mining Algorithms

Lamia Mahnane

Pages 11-23 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,197 Kb]

Analyzing Pauses in Computer-Assisted EFL Writing - A Computer-Keystroke-Log Perspective

Cuiqin Xu, Yan Qi

Pages 24-34 ABSTRACT Download Article[524 Kb]

The Effect of Socially Shared Regulation Approach on Learning Performance in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

Lanqin Zheng, Xin Li, Ronghuai Huang

Pages 35-46 ABSTRACT Download Article[677 Kb]

Do Focused Self-Explanation Prompts Overcome Seductive Details? A Multimedia Study

Zhe Wang, Olusola Adesope

Pages 47-57 ABSTRACT Download Article[973 Kb]

Enhancing Students?Computer Programming Performances, Critical Thinking Awareness and Attitudes towards Programming: An Online Peer-Assessment Attempt

Xiao-Ming Wang, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Zi-Yun Liang, Hsiu-Ying Wang

Pages 58-68 ABSTRACT Download Article[783 Kb]

Students?Reactions to Different Levels of Game Scenarios: A Cognitive Style Approach

Zhi-Hong Chen, Sherry Y. Chen, Chih-Hao Chien

Pages 69-77 ABSTRACT Download Article[550 Kb]

Flow Experience and Educational Effectiveness of Teaching Informatics using AR

Stefanos Giasiranis, Loizos Sofos

Pages 78-88 ABSTRACT Download Article[511 Kb]

Let's Draw: Utilizing Interactive White Board to Support Kindergarten Children's Visual Art Learning Practice

Pao-Nan Chou, Chi-Cheng Chang, Mei-Yin Chen

Pages 89-101 ABSTRACT Download Article[925 Kb]

Heuristics and Web Skills Acquisition in Open Learning Environments

Daniel Dominguez Figaredo

Pages 102-111 ABSTRACT Download Article[489 Kb]

Effects of Attention Cueing on Learning Speech Organ Operation through Mobile Phones

Hui-Yu Yang

Pages 112-125 ABSTRACT Download Article[912 Kb]

Effects of Self-explanation and Game-reward on Sixth Graders?Algebra Variable Learning

Hong-Zheng Sun-Lin, Guey-Fa Chiou

Pages 126-137 ABSTRACT Download Article[755 Kb]

The Influence of a Pedagogical Agent on Learners?Cognitive Load

Noah L. Schroeder

Pages 138-147 ABSTRACT Download Article[588 Kb]

Development and Usability Test of an e-Learning Tool for Engineering Graduates to Develop Academic Writing in English: A Case Study

Chih-Chung Lin, Gi-Zen Liu, Tzong-I Wang

Pages 148-161 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,259 Kb]
EditorialTimes Downloaded:

Guest Editorial: Fostering Deep Learning in Problem-Solving Contexts with the Support of Technology

Pages 162-165   Download Article[221 Kb]
Special Issue ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

EcoXPT: Designing for Deeper Learning through Experimentation in an Immersive Virtual Ecosystem

Chris Dede, Tina A. Grotzer, Amy Kamarainen, Shari Metcalf

Pages 166-178 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,620 Kb]

Comparing Design Constraints to Support Learning in Technology-guided Inquiry Projects

Lauren R. Applebaum, Jonathan M. Vitale, Elizabeth Gerard, Marcia C. Linn

Pages 179-190 ABSTRACT Download Article[615 Kb]

Design of a Three-Dimensional Cognitive Mapping Approach to Support Inquiry Learning

Juanjuan Chen, Minhong Wang, Chris Dede, Tina A. Grotzer

Pages 191-204 ABSTRACT Download Article[842 Kb]

Leveraging Students?Knowledge to Adapt Science Curricula to Local Context

Lana M. Minshew, Kelly J. Barber-Lester, Sharon J. Derry, Janice L. Anderson

Pages 205-218 ABSTRACT Download Article[665 Kb]

Moving Apart and Coming Together: Discourse, Engagement, and Deep Learning

Andrea S. Gomoll, Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver, Erin Tolar, Selma Šabanović, Matthew Francisco

Pages 219-232 ABSTRACT Download Article[947 Kb]

Deep Learning towards Expertise Development in a Visualization-based Learning Environment

Bei Yuan, Minhong Wang, Andre W. Kushniruk, Jun Peng

Pages 233-246 ABSTRACT Download Article[612 Kb]

Deep and Surface Processing of Instructor's Feedback in an Online Course

Kun Huang, Xun Ge, Victor Law

Pages 247-260 ABSTRACT Download Article[803 Kb]

Investigating the Effects of Authentic Activities on Foreign Language Learning: A Design-based Research Approach

Ildeniz Ozverir, Ulker Vanci Osam, Jan Herrington

Pages 261-274 ABSTRACT Download Article[817 Kb]

Visualizing the Complex Process for Deep Learning with an Authentic Programming Project

Jun Peng, Minhong Wang, Demetrios Sampson

Pages 275-287 ABSTRACT Download Article[750 Kb]

Can Students Identify the Relevant Information to Solve a Problem?

Lishan Zhang, Shengquan Yu, Baoping Li, Jing Wang

Pages 288-299 ABSTRACT Download Article[763 Kb]

An Eye Tracking Study of High- and Low-Performing Students in Solving Interactive and Analytical Problems

Yiling Hu, Bian Wu, Xiaoqing Gu

Pages 300-311 ABSTRACT Download Article[715 Kb]

Formative Assessment in Complex Problem-Solving Domains: The Emerging Role of Assessment Technologies

Kaushal Kumar Bhagat, J. Michael Spector

Pages 312-317 ABSTRACT Download Article[318 Kb]
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