2008, Vol. 11, Issue 3

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The Effects of Metacognitive Knowledge on the Pre-service Teachers?Participation in the Asynchronous Online Forum

Abdullah Topcu, Behiye Ubuz

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Applying Web-Enabled Problem-Based Learning and Self-Regulated Learning to Add Value to Computing Education in Taiwan’s Vocational Schools

Tsang-Hsiung Lee, Pei-Di Shen, Chia-Wen Tsai

Pages 13-25 ABSTRACT Download Article[225 Kb]

Who is responsible for E-Learning Success in Higher Education? A Stakeholders' Analysis

Nicole Wagner, Khaled Hassanein, Milena Head

Pages 26-36 ABSTRACT Download Article[340 Kb]

A Survey on ICT Usage and the Perceptions of Social Studies Teachers in Turkey

Yasemin Gulbahar, Ismail Guven

Pages 37-51 ABSTRACT Download Article[246 Kb]

A Study of Uses of ICT in Primary Education through Four Winning School Cases in the Taiwan Schools Cyberfair

Shelley S.-C. Young, Hsin-Ho Ku

Pages 52?6 ABSTRACT Download Article[608 Kb]

Experimental Evaluation of an Instructional Supporting Tool in Distance Learning

Athanasis Karoulis, Ioannis Stamelos, Lefteris Angelis

Pages 67?1 ABSTRACT Download Article[614 Kb]

Beyond Sharing: Engaging Students in Cooperative and Competitive Active Learning

Gloria Yi-Ming Kao, Sunny S. J. Lin, Chuen-Tsai Sun

Pages 82?6 ABSTRACT Download Article[907 Kb]

Testing Principles of Language Learning in a Cyber Face-to-Face Environment

Nian-Shing Chen, Yuping Wang

Pages 97-113 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,803 Kb]

Effects of Text, Audio, and Graphic Aids in Multimedia Instruction for Vocabulary Learning

Daesang Kim, David A. Gilman

Pages 114-126 ABSTRACT Download Article[481 Kb]

Training in spatial visualization: The effects of training method and gender

Ahmad Rafi, Khairul Anuar Samsudin, Che Soh Said

Pages 127-140 ABSTRACT Download Article[322 Kb]

Competence Description for Personal Recommendations: The importance of identifying the complexity of learning and performance situations

Frans J. Prins, Rob J. Nadolski, Adriana J. Berlanga, Hendrik Drachsler, Hans G.K. Hummel, Rob Koper

Pages 141-152 ABSTRACT Download Article[241 Kb]

Personalized Intelligent Mobile Learning System for Supporting Effective English Learning

Chih-Ming Chen, Shih-Hsun Hsu

Pages 153-180 ABSTRACT Download Article[749 Kb]

Effects of the Asynchronous Web-Based Course: Preservice Teachers?Achievement, Metacognition, and Attitudes towards the Course

Abdullah Topcu, Behiye Ubuz

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Building a Model Explaining the Social Nature of Online Learning

I-Chun Tsai, Bosung Kim, Pei-Ju Liu, Sean P. Goggins, Christiana Kumalasari, James M. Laffey

Pages 198?15 ABSTRACT Download Article[288 Kb]

Considering Students?Perceptions: The Distance Education Student Satisfaction Model

Ismail Sahin, Mack Shelley

Pages 216?23 ABSTRACT Download Article[189 Kb]

A study of the relationship between student social networks and sense of community

Shane Dawson

Pages 224?38 ABSTRACT Download Article[396 Kb]

Modeling and Intervening Across Time in Scientific Inquiry Exploratory Learning Environment

Choo-Yee Ting, Somnuk Phon-Amnuaisuk, Yen-Kuan Chong

Pages 239?58 ABSTRACT Download Article[896 Kb]

A Practical Computer Adaptive Testing Model for Small-Scale Scenarios

Yu-Hui Tao, Yu-Lung Wu, Hsin-Yi Chang

Pages 259?74 ABSTRACT Download Article[746 Kb]

Comparison of Dimension Reduction Methods for Automated Essay Grading

Tuomo Kakkonen, Niko Myller, Erkki Sutinen, Jari Timonen

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Blended learning: Using technology in and beyond the language classroom

Reviewer: Jesús García Laborda

Pages 289-291   Download Article[144 Kb]

Semantic Web and Education

Reviewer: Fuhua Oscar Lin

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National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Reviewer: Hosin Shirvani

Pages 294-295   Download Article[116 Kb]
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