2018, Vol. 21, Issue 4

Special Issue on "Authentic Edutainment with Advanced Technologies"

Guest Editor(s):Rustam Shadiev, Wu-Yuin Hwang, Gheorghita Ghinea and Maiga Chang

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Comparison of Animation and Static-picture based Instruction: Effects on Performance and Cognitive Load for Learning Genetics

Chi Yang,  Chun-Hui Jen, Chun-Yen Chang, Ting-Kuang Yeh

Pages 1-11 ABSTRACT Download Article[667 Kb]

Effects of Multimodal Learning Analytics with Concept Maps on College Students’ Vocabulary and Reading Performance

Shih-Ping Wang, Yih-Lan Chen

Pages 12–25 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,024 Kb]

Developing a Multidimensional Framework for Analyzing Student Comments in Wikis

Xiao Hu, Christy Weng-Lam Cheong, Samuel Kai-Wah Chu

Pages 26–38 ABSTRACT Download Article [555 Kb]

Strengthening Social Networks in Online Discussion Forums to Facilitate Help Seeking for Solving Problems

Po-Yao Chao, K. Robert Lai, Chen-Chung Liu, Hung-Ming Lin

Pages 39–50 ABSTRACT Download Article [708 Kb]

Analysing Group Dynamics of a Digital Game-based Adventure Education Course

Chang-Hsin Lin,  Ju-Ling Shih

Pages 51–63 ABSTRACT Download Article [527 Kb]

Social Networking Sites as Formal Learning Environments in Business Education

Abida Ellahi

Pages 64–75 ABSTRACT Download Article [517 Kb]

Factors Related to ICT Competencies for Students with Learning Disabilities

Ting-Fang Wu, Cheng-Ming Chen, Hui-Shan Lo, Yao-Ming Yeh, Ming-Chung Chen

Pages 76–88 ABSTRACT Download Article [893 Kb]

Mediating Effects of Individuals’ Ability Levels on the Relationship of Reflective-Impulsive Cognitive Style and Item Response Time in CAT

Chao Wang, Hong Lu

Pages 89–99 ABSTRACT Download Article [478 Kb]

Increasing Information Reposting Behavior in Online Learning Community

Omid R. B. Speily, Ahmad A. Kardan

Pages 100-110 ABSTRACT Download Article [916 Kb]
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Authentic Edutainment with Advanced Technologies

Rustam Shadiev, Wu-Yuin Hwang, Gheorghita Ghinea, Maiga Chang 

Pages 111–114 ABSTRACT Download Article [369 Kb]
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Development of a SoLoMo Game-Based Application for Supporting Local Cultural Learning in Taiwan

Yen-Ting Lin,  Yu-Ming Tseng, Yi-Sheng Lee, Tz-Chi Wang, Shu-I Tsai, Yun-Jhih Yi

Pages 115-128 ABSTRACT Download Article [881 Kb]

User-Oriented EFL Speaking through Application and Exercise: Instant Speech Translation and Shadowing in Authentic Context

Thi-Huyen Nguyen,  Wu-Yuin HwangXuan-Lam Pham, Zhao-Heng Ma

Pages 129–142 ABSTRACT Download Article [1024 Kb]

Application and Analysis of a Mobile E-Book System Based on Project-Based Learning in Community Health Nursing Practice Courses

Ting-Ting Wu, Yueh-Min Huang, Chen-Ying Su, Lei Chang, Yi Chen Lu

Pages 143–156 ABSTRACT Download Article [880 Kb]

Enhanced Agility of E-Learning Adoption in High Schools

Gebremariam Mesfin, Gheorghita Ghinea, Tor-Morten Grønli, Wu-Yuin Hwang

Pages 157–170 ABSTRACT Download Article [391 Kb]

Educational Games to Enhance Museum Visits for Schools

Benoît Bossavit, Alfredo Pina, Isabel Sanchez-Gil, Aitziber Urtasun

Pages 171–186 ABSTRACT Download Article [857 Kb]

Using Exaggerated Feedback in a Virtual Reality Environment to Enhance Behavior Intention of Water-Conservation

Wei-Che Hsu, Ching-Mei Tseng, Shih-Chung Kang

Pages 187–203 ABSTRACT Download Article [881 Kb]

Gender-Related Differences in Collaborative Learning in a 3D Virtual Reality Environment by Elementary School Students

Yi-Lien Yeh, Yu-Ju Lan,  Yen-Ting R. Lin

Pages 204–216 ABSTRACT Download Article [782 Kb]

A Study of the Use of Wearable Devices for Healthy and Enjoyable English as a Foreign Language Learning in Authentic Contexts

Rustam Shadiev,  Wu-Yuin Hwang, Tzu-Yu Liu

Pages 217–231 ABSTRACT Download Article [601 Kb]

Investigating Flipped Classroom and Problem-based Learning in a Programming Module for Computing Conversion Course

Adriana E. Chis, Arghir-Nicolae Moldovan, Lisa Murphy, Pramod Pathak, Cristina Hava Muntean

Pages 232–247 ABSTRACT Download Article [789 Kb]

iAbstract: Game-driven Keyword Auction and Summarization for Academic Reading

Hercy N. H. Cheng, Calvin C. Y. Liao,  Wan-Chen Chang

Pages 248–258 ABSTRACT Download Article [545 Kb]

Pedagogical Change in Mathematics Learning: Harnessing the Power of Digital Game-Based Learning

Siew Pei Hwa

Pages 259–276 ABSTRACT Download Article [1,024 Kb]

Gamifying and Mobilising Social Enquiry-based Learning in Authentic Outdoor Environments

Morris Siu-Yung Jong, To Chan, Ming-Tak Hue, Vincent W. L. Tam

Pages 277–292 ABSTRACT Download Article [1,024 Kb]
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