2018, Vol. 21, Issue 3

Special Issue on "Technology Enhanced Contextual Game-Based Language Learning"

Guest Editor(s): Yu-Ju Lan, Adele Botha, Junjie Shang and Morris Siu-Yung Jong

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Attitudes, Openness to Multiculturalism, and Integration of Online Collaborative Learning

Noga Magen-Nagar,  Miri Shonfeld

Pages 1-11 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,061 Kb]

Gamification from Player Type Perspective: A Case Study

Selay Arkün Kocadere, Şeyma Çağlar

Pages 12–22 ABSTRACT Download Article[598 Kb]

Ontology Informed Design to Advance Developers’ Informal Online Learning

Brian Dobreski, Yun Huang

Pages 23–34 ABSTRACT Download Article [849 Kb]

The Impact of Motivation and Personality on Academic Performance in Online and Blended Learning Environments

Nurcan Alkış, Tuğba Taşkaya Temizel

Pages 35–47 ABSTRACT Download Article [689 Kb]

Factors Influencing Preservice Teachers’ Intention to Use Technology: TPACK, Teacher Self-efficacy,and Technology Acceptance Model

Young Ju Joo,  Sunyoung Park, Eugene Lim

Pages 48–59 ABSTRACT Download Article [602 Kb]

Knowledge Sharing Self-Efficacy, Motivation and Sense of Community as Predictors of Knowledge Receiving and Giving Behaviors

Esin Ergün, Ümmühan Avcı

Pages 60–73 ABSTRACT Download Article [725 Kb]

Innovative Use of Mobile Video Conferencing in Face-to-Face Collaborative Science Learning: The Case of Reflection in Optics

Yu-Liang Ting, Yaming Tai, Teng-Hui Tseng, Shin-Ping Tsai

Pages 74–85 ABSTRACT Download Article [505 Kb]
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Technology Enhanced Contextual Game-Based Language Learning

Yu-Ju Lan,  Adele Botha,  Junjie Shang, Morris Siu-Yung Jong, 

Pages 86–89 ABSTRACT Download Article [304 Kb]
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Early Second Language Learning and Adult Involvement in a Real-World Context: Design and Evaluation of the “ELENA Goes Shopping” Mobile Game

Ellen Rusman,  Stefaan Ternier, Marcus Specht

Pages 90–103 ABSTRACT Download Article [1090 Kb]

Application of a Gamified Interactive Response System to Enhance the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation, Student Engagement, and Attention of English Learners

Jerry Chih-Yuan Sun,  Pei-Hsun Hsieh

Pages 104–116 ABSTRACT Download Article [1182 Kb]

A Flipped Contextual Game-Based Learning Approach to Enhancing EFL Students’ English Business Writing Performance and Reflective Behaviors

Chi-Jen Lin, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Qing-Ke Fu, Jing-Fang Chen

Pages 117–131 ABSTRACT Download Article [1639 Kb]

Chinese Character Composition Game with the Augment Paper

Yun Wen

Pages 132–145 ABSTRACT Download Article [893 Kb]

The Effects of Competitive Gaming Scenarios and Personalized Assistance Strategies on English Vocabulary Learning

Chun-Wang Wei,  Hao-Yun Kao , Hsin-Hsien Lu, Yi Chun Liu

Pages 146–158 ABSTRACT Download Article [602 Kb]

Using Game-Based Learning with Kinect Technology in Foreign Language Education Course

Erman Yükseltürk, Serhat Altıok, Zeynep Başer

Pages 159–173 ABSTRACT Download Article [1247 Kb]

Effects of Prior Knowledge on Learning Performance and Anxiety in an English Learning Online RolePlaying Game

Jie Chi Yang,  Benazir Quadir

Pages 174–185 ABSTRACT Download Article [518 Kb]

Using Narrative-based Contextual Games to Enhance Language Learning: A Case Study

Zhi-Hong Chen ,  Howard Hao-Jan Chen, Wan-Jhen Dai

Pages 186–198 ABSTRACT Download Article [812 Kb]

The Online Ecology of Literacy and Language Practices of a Gamer

Boris Vazquez-Calvo

Pages 199–212 ABSTRACT Download Article [1277 Kb]

Effective Learning Design of Game-Based 3D Virtual Language Learning Environments for Special Education Students

Yu-Ju Lan,  Indy Y. T. Hsiao,  Mei-Feng Shih

Pages 213–227 ABSTRACT Download Article [1286 Kb]

Condition-Based Resistive Maintenance

Seyed-Mohammad Seyed-Hosseini*; Kamran Shahanaghi; Safar Shasfand

Pages 228–243ABSTRACT Download Article[966 Kb]
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