2018, Vol. 21, Issue 1

Special Issue on "Digital Citizenship: Innovations in Education, Practice, and Pedagogy"

Guest Editor(s): Yacine Atif and Chien Chou

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MOOCS as Accelerators of Social Mobility? A Systematic Review

Karmijn van de Oudeweetering, Orhan Agirdag

Pages 1-11 ABSTRACT Download Article[510 Kb]

Is Group Polling Better? An Investigation of the Effect of Individual and Group Polling Strategies on Students?Academic Performance, Anxiety, and Attention

Jerry Chih-Yuan Sun, Ariel Yu-Zhen Chen, Katherine Pin-Chen Yeh, Yu-Ting Cheng, Yu-Yan Lin

Pages 12-24 ABSTRACT Download Article[706 Kb]

Creating Interactive E-Books through Learning by Design: The Impacts of Guided Peer-Feedback on Students?Learning Achievements and Project Outcomes in Science Courses

Gwo-Jen Hwang, Nien-Ting Tu, Xiao-Ming Wang

Pages 25-36 ABSTRACT Download Article[626 Kb]

Interaction Analysis for Supporting Students?Self-Regulation during Blog-based CSCL Activities

Nikolaos Michailidis, Efstathios Kapravelos, Thrasyvoulos Tsiatsos

Pages 37-47 ABSTRACT Download Article[598 Kb]

Middle School Student Perceptions and Actual Use of Mobile Devices: Highlighting Disconnects in Student Planned and Actual Usage of Mobile Devices in Class

Scott R. Bartholomew, Edward Reeve

Pages 48-58 ABSTRACT Download Article[564 Kb]

Technologies to Enhance and Extend Children’s Understanding of Geometry: A Configurative Thematic Synthesis of the Literature

Helen Crompton, Melva R. Grant, Khitam Y. H. Shraim

Pages 59-69 ABSTRACT Download Article[482 Kb]

Application-driven Educational Game to Assist Young Children in Learning English Vocabulary

Zhi-Hong Chen, Shu-Yu Lee

Pages 70-81 ABSTRACT Download Article[940 Kb]

Feedback of Interface Agents on Student Perception: Level, Dialogue, and Emotion

Zhi-Hong Chen, Chih-Yueh Chou, Shu-Fen Tseng, Ying-Chu Su

Pages 82-90 ABSTRACT Download Article[509 Kb]

Measuring and Visualizing Group Knowledge Elaboration in Online Collaborative Discussions

Yafeng Zheng, Chang Xu, Yanyan Li, You Su

Pages 91-103 ABSTRACT Download Article[869 Kb]

The Virtues of Taiwanese Internet-Using Adolescents: The Development and Validation of the Cyber Virtues Scale

Chih-Ming Chang, Min-Ling Hung, Jui-Lien Lu, Chien Chou

Pages 104-111 ABSTRACT Download Article[603 Kb]

Utilizing Learners?Negative Ratings in Semantic Content-based Recommender System for e-Learning Forum

Naji Ahmad Albatayneh, Khairil Imran Ghauth, Fang-Fang Chua

Pages 112-125 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,077 Kb]

An e-Learning System for Extracting Text Comprehension and Learning Style Characteristics

Maria Samarakou, Grammatiki Tsaganou, Andreas Papadakis

Pages 126-136 ABSTRACT Download Article[388 Kb]

Comparing Digital Badges-and-Points with Classroom Token Systems: Effects on Elementary School ESL Students?Classroom Behavior and English Learning

Ryan Homer, Khe Foon Hew, Cheng Yong Tan

Pages 137-151 ABSTRACT Download Article[812 Kb]
EditorialTimes Downloaded:

Guest Editorial: Digital Citizenship: Innovations in Education, Practice, and Pedagogy

Pages 152-154 ABSTRACT Download Article[185 Kb]
Special Issue ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Development of Youth Digital Citizenship Scale and Implication for Educational Setting

Minjeong Kim, Dongyeon Choi

Pages 155-171 ABSTRACT Download Article[842 Kb]

Understanding University Students?Thoughts and Practices about Digital Citizenship: A Mixed Methods Study

Nuri Kara

Pages 172-185 ABSTRACT Download Article[733 Kb]

Exploring the Influence of Parental Involvement and Socioeconomic Status on Teen Digital Citizenship: A Path Modeling Approach

Xianhui Wang, Wanli Xing

Pages 186-199 ABSTRACT Download Article[609 Kb]

Digital Citizenship with Social Media: Participatory Practices of Teaching and Learning in Secondary Education

Benjamin Gleason, Sam von Gillern

Pages 200-212 ABSTRACT Download Article[771 Kb]

Middle School Students?Social Media Use

Florence Martin, Chuang Wang, Teresa Petty, Weichao Wang, Patti Wilkins

Pages 213-224 ABSTRACT Download Article[773 Kb]

Patterns of Inclusion: Fostering Digital Citizenship through Hybrid Education

Alex Young Pedersen, Rikke Toft Nørgaard, Christian Köppe

Pages 225-236 ABSTRACT Download Article[569 Kb]

Concientization among People in Support and Opposition of President Trump

Damien M. Sánchez

Pages 237-247 ABSTRACT Download Article[505 Kb]

Beyond the Echo Chamber: Pedagogical Tools for Civic Engagement Discourse and Reflection

Stefanie Panke, John Stephens

Pages 248-263 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,098 Kb]
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