2012, Vol. 15, Issue 4

Special Issue on "Advanced Learning Technologies"

Guest Editor(s): Demetrios G. Sampson, J. Michael Spector, Ignacio Aedo and Nian-Shing Chen

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Guest Editorial: Advanced Learning Technologies

Demetrios G. Sampson, J. Michael Spector, Ignacio Aedo, Nian-Shing Chen

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Are One-to-One Computers Necessary? An Analysis of Collaborative Web Exploration Activities Supported by Shared Displays

Chia-Jung Chang, Chen-Chung Liu, Yan-Jhih Shen

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Curriculum-guided Crowd Sourcing of Assessments in a Developing Country

Imran A. Zualkernan, Anjana Raza, Asad Karim

Pages 14?6 ABSTRACT Download Article[273 Kb]

PEDALE ?A Peer Education Diagnostic and Learning Environment

Johannes Konert, Kristina Richter, Florian Mehm, Stefan Göbel, Regina Bruder, Ralf Steinmetz

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Teaching Web Security using Portable Virtual Labs

Li-Chiou Chen, Lixin Tao

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Semantic Linking of Learning Object Repositories to DBpedia

Manuel Lama, Juan C. Vidal, Estefanía Otero-García, Alberto Bugarín, Senén Barro

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Learning-by-Teaching: Designing Teachable Agents with Intrinsic Motivation

Guopeng Zhao, Ailiya, Zhiqi Shen

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Self-regulated Workplace Learning: A Pedagogical Framework and Semantic Web-based Environment

Melody Siadaty, Dragan Gašević, Jelena Jovanović, Kai Pata, Nikola Milikić, Teresa Holocher-Ertl, Zoran Jeremić, Liaqat Ali, Aleksandar Giljanović, Marek Hatala

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Youth as Design Partners: Age-Appropriate Websites for Middle and High School Students

Anthony S. Chow, Kathelene McCarty Smith, Katherine Sun

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Raise Your Hands or Hands-on? The Role of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning in Stimulating Intercreativity in Education

Lien Mostmans, Chris Vleugels, Stijn Bannier

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Why do Individuals Use e-Portfolios?

Mu-Yen Chen, Francis Mou-Te Chang, Chia-Chen Chen, Mu-Jung Huang, Jing-Wen Chen

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The Searching Effectiveness of Social Tagging in Museum Websites

Chung-Wen Cho, Ting-Kuang Yeh, Shu-Wen Cheng, Chun-Yen Chang

Pages 126?36 ABSTRACT Download Article[353 Kb]

A Multivariate Model of Factors Influencing Technology Use by Preservice Teachers during Practice Teaching

Shih-Hsiung Liu

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Designing a Personalized Guide Recommendation System to Mitigate Information Overload in Museum Learning

Yong-Ming Huang, Chien-Hung Liu, Chun-Yi Lee, Yueh-Min Huang

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Assessment of 3D Viewers for the Display of Interactive Documents in the Learning of Graphic Engineering

Basilio Ramos Barbero, Carlos Melgosa Pedrosa, Esteban García Maté

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Using Podcasting to Facilitate Student Learning: A Constructivist Perspective

Dick Ng'ambi, Annette Lombe

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Evaluation of Teaching the IS-LM Model through a Simulation Program

María del Pópulo Pablo-Romero, Rafael Pozo-Barajas, María de la Palma Gómez-Calero

Pages 193?04 ABSTRACT Download Article[637 Kb]

Development of a Web-based System to Support Self-Directed Learning of Microfabrication Technologies

Min Jou, Yu-Shiang Wu

Pages 205?13 ABSTRACT Download Article[245 Kb]

Peer Evaluation in Blended Team Project-Based Learning: What Do Students Find Important?

Hye-Jung Lee, Cheolil Lim

Pages 214?24 ABSTRACT Download Article[197 Kb]

Life Planning by Digital Storytelling in a Primary School in Rural Tanzania

Marcus Duveskog, Matti Tedre, Carolina Islas Sedano, Erkki Sutinen

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Enabling Problem Based Learning through Web 2.0 Technologies: PBL 2.0

Efthimios Tambouris, Eleni Panopoulou, Konstantinos Tarabanis, Thomas Ryberg, Lillian Buus, Vassilios Peristeras, Deirdre Lee, Lukasz Porwol

Pages 238?51 ABSTRACT Download Article[720 Kb]

An Electronic Library-based Learning Environment for Supporting Web-based Problem-Solving Activities

Pei-Shan Tsai, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Chin-Chung Tsai, Chun-Ming Hung, Iwen Huang

Pages 252?64 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,002 Kb]

Is Teacher Assessment Reliable or Valid for High School Students under a Web-based Portfolio Environment?

Chi-Cheng Chang, Bing-Hong Wu

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E-learning Systems Support of Collaborative Agreements: A Theoretical Model

Sandra Aguirre, Juan Quemada

Pages 279?95 ABSTRACT Download Article[455 Kb]

Social Networks and Performance in Distributed Learning Communities

Rita Cadima, Jordi Ojeda, Josep M. Monguet

Pages 296?04 ABSTRACT Download Article[177 Kb]

A Framework for Simplifying Educator Tasks Related to the Integration of Games in the Learning Flow

Ángel del Blanco, Javier Torrente, Eugenio J. Marchiori, Iván Martínez-Ortiz, Pablo Moreno-Ger, Baltasar Fernández-Manjón

Pages 305?18 ABSTRACT Download Article[361 Kb]

A Cognitive Apprenticeship Approach to Facilitating Web-based Collaborative Problem Solving

Fan-Ray Kuo, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Szu-Chuang Chen, Sherry Y. Chen

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An Exploratory Study of the Cultural Habits Change Process Triggered by the Use of IT: A Faculty Student Knowledge-Sharing Platform Case Study

Mei-Lien Young

Pages 332?43 ABSTRACT Download Article[215 Kb]

Transforming Online Learning through Narrative and Student Agency

Robb Lindgren, Rudy McDaniel

Pages 344?55 ABSTRACT Download Article[274 Kb]

An Investigation of Teaching and Learning Interaction Factors for the Use of the Interactive Whiteboard Technology

Tsung-Ho Liang, Yueh-Min Huang, Chin-Chung Tsai

Pages 356?67 ABSTRACT Download Article[196 Kb]

A Project-based Digital Storytelling Approach for Improving Students?Learning Motivation, Problem-Solving Competence and Learning Achievement

Chun-Ming Hung, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Iwen Huang

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Disruptive Pedagogies and Technologies in Universities

Terry Anderson, Rory McGreal

Pages 380?89 ABSTRACT Download Article[151 Kb]
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