2008, Vol. 11, Issue 4

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Visual Stereotypes and Virtual Pedagogical Agents

Magnus Haake, Agneta Gulz

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Communities of Ethical Practice: Using New Technologies for Ethical Dialectical Discourse

Linda Newman, John Findlay

Pages 16?8 ABSTRACT Download Article[586 Kb]

Design-Based Research and Educational Technology: Rethinking Technology and the Research Agenda

Tel Amiel, Thomas C. Reeves

Pages 29?0 ABSTRACT Download Article[225 Kb]

Randomised Items in Computer-based Tests: Russian Roulette in Assessment?

Anthony M. Marks, Johannes C. Cronje

Pages 41?0 ABSTRACT Download Article[218 Kb]

Investigation of Interaction, Online Support, Course Structure and Flexibility as the Contributing Factors to Students?Satisfaction in an Online Certificate Program

Erman Yukselturk, Zahide Yildirim

Pages 51-65 ABSTRACT Download Article[241 Kb]

A Two-Dimension Process in Explaining Learners?Collaborative Behaviors in CSCL

Jung-Lung Hsu, Huey-Wen Chou, Wu-Yuin Hwang, Shyan-Bin Chou

Pages 66?0 ABSTRACT Download Article[314 Kb]

Effects of Practice in a Linear and Non-linear Web-based Learning Environment

Florence Martin

Pages 81?3 ABSTRACT Download Article[302 Kb]

Content Recommendation Based on Education-Contextualized Browsing Events for Web-based Personalized Learning

Feng-Hsu Wang

Pages 94?12 ABSTRACT Download Article[2,093 Kb]

Using Teradata University Network (TUN), a Free Internet Resource for Teaching and Learning

Robert Winter, Anke Gericke, Tobias Bucher

Pages 113?27 ABSTRACT Download Article[412 Kb]

Hypergraphics for history teaching - Barriers for causal reasoning about history accounts

José M. Méndez, Manuel Montanero

Pages 128?38 ABSTRACT Download Article[211 Kb]

Developing an Intelligent Diagnosis and Assessment E-learning Tool for Introductory Programming

Chenn-Jung Huang, Chun-Hua Chen, Yun-Cheng Luo, Hong-Xin Chen, Yi-Ta Chuang

Pages 139?57 ABSTRACT Download Article[837 Kb]

Improving Recall and Transfer Skills Through Vocabulary Building in Web-Based Second Language Learning: An Examination by Item and Feedback Type

Seongchul Yun, Paul Chamness Miller, Youngkyun Baek, Jaeyeob Jung, Myunghwan Ko

Pages 158?72 ABSTRACT Download Article[552 Kb]

A Computer System of Referential Resolution to Assess Students?Reading Comprehension

Yu-Fen Yang, Wing-Kwong Wong, Hui-Chin Yeh

Pages 173?89 ABSTRACT Download Article[932 Kb]

Valuation of Online Continuing Medical Education and Telemedicine in Taiwan

Fuhmei Wang

Pages 190?98 ABSTRACT Download Article[191 Kb]

Supporting “Learning by Design?Activities Using Group Blogs

Georgios Fessakis, Konstantinos Tatsis, Angelique Dimitracopoulou

Pages 199?12 ABSTRACT Download Article[310 Kb]

A case study of enabling factors in the technology integration change process

Pi-Sui Hsu, Priya Sharma

Pages 213?28 ABSTRACT Download Article[339 Kb]

Teachers?Perceptions of the Dimensions and Implementation of Technology Leadership of Principals in Taiwanese Elementary Schools

I-Hua Chang, Joseph M. Chin, Cheng-Mei Hsu

Pages 229?45 ABSTRACT Download Article[253 Kb]

The Impact of Externalizing Readers?Mental Representation on the Comprehension of Online Texts

Yu-Fen Yang, Ya-Chen Hung

Pages 246?64 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,238 Kb]

A cross-cultural examination of the intention to use technology between Singaporean and Malaysian pre-service teachers: an application of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)

Timothy Teo, Wong Su Luan, Chai Ching Sing

Pages 265?80 ABSTRACT Download Article[273 Kb]

Educational Technology at a Crossroads: Examining the Development of the Academic Field in Canada

Rocci Luppicini

Pages 281?96 ABSTRACT Download Article[300 Kb]
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