2011, Vol. 14, Issue 2

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A Collective Case Study of Online Interaction Patterns in Text Revisions

Yu-Fen Yang, Shan-Pi Wu

Pages 1?5 ABSTRACT Download Article[717 Kb]

Comparison of Two Analysis Approaches for Measuring Externalized Mental Models

Sabine Al-Diban, Dirk Ifenthaler

Pages 16?0 ABSTRACT Download Article[312 Kb]

Facilitating Learning from Animated Instruction: Effectiveness of Questions and Feedback as Attention-directing Strategies

Huifen Lin

Pages 31?2 ABSTRACT Download Article[222 Kb]

Integrating Annotations into a Dual-slide PowerPoint Presentation for Classroom Learning

Yen-Shou Lai, Hung-Hsu Tsai, Pao-Ta Yu

Pages 43?7 ABSTRACT Download Article[552 Kb]

Students?Acceptance of Tablet PCs and Implications for Educational Institutions

Omar El-Gayar, Mark Moran, Mark Hawkes

Pages 58?0 ABSTRACT Download Article[120 Kb]

Promoting Internet Safety in Greek Primary Schools: the Teacherís Role

Panagiotes S. Anastasiades, Elena Vitalaki

Pages 71?0 ABSTRACT Download Article[165 Kb]

Information Literacy Training in Public Libraries: A Case from Canada

Horng-Ji Lai

Pages 81?8 ABSTRACT Download Article[94 Kb]

Computer Mediated Communication: Social Support for Students with and without Learning Disabilities

Sigal Eden, Tali Heiman

Pages 89?7 ABSTRACT Download Article[79 Kb]

The Influence of Adult Learners?Self-Directed Learning Readiness and Network Literacy on Online Learning Effectiveness: A Study of Civil Servants in Taiwan

Horng-Ji Lai

Pages 98?06 ABSTRACT Download Article[102 Kb]

Usability Testing and Expert Inspections Complemented by Educational Evaluation: A Case Study of an e-Learning Platform

Andrina Granić, Maja Ćukušić

Pages 107?23 ABSTRACT Download Article[910 Kb]

A New ICT Curriculum for Primary Education in Flanders: Defining and Predicting Teachers?Perceptions of Innovation Attributes

Ruben Vanderlinde, Johan van Braak

Pages 124?35 ABSTRACT Download Article[141 Kb]

A Data Management System Integrating Web-based Training and Randomized Trials

Jordana Muroff, Maryann Amodeo, Mary Jo Larson, Margaret Carey, Ralph D. Loftin

Pages 136?48 ABSTRACT Download Article[558 Kb]

Blogging for Informal Learning: Analyzing Bloggers?Perceptions Using Learning Perspective

Young Park, Gyeong Mi Heo, Romee Lee

Pages 149?60 ABSTRACT Download Article[293 Kb]

Effects of Cognitive Styles on an MSN Virtual Learning Companion System as an Adjunct to Classroom Instructions

Sheng-Wen Hsieh

Pages 161?74 ABSTRACT Download Article[788 Kb]

Anonymity in Blended Learning: Who Would You Like to Be?

Terumi Miyazoe, Terry Anderson

Pages 175?87 ABSTRACT Download Article[196 Kb]

A Comparison of Single- and Dual-Screen Environment in Programming Language: Cognitive Loads and Learning Effects

Ting-Wen Chang, Jenq-Muh Hsu, Pao-Ta Yu

Pages 188?00 ABSTRACT Download Article[491 Kb]

On the Changing Nature of Learning Context: Anticipating the Virtual Extensions of the World

Wim Westera

Pages 201?12 ABSTRACT Download Article[157 Kb]

Factors Affecting Information Seeking and Evaluation in a Distributed Learning Environment

Jae-Shin Lee, Hichang Cho

Pages 213?23 ABSTRACT Download Article[155 Kb]

Assessing the Acceptance of a Blended Learning University Course

Nikolaos Tselios, Stelios Daskalakis, Maria Papadopoulou

Pages 224?35 ABSTRACT Download Article[237 Kb]

Podcasting in Education: Student Attitudes, Behaviour and Self-Efficacy

Andrea Chester, Andrew Buntine, Kathryn Hammond, Lyn Atkinson

Pages 236?47 ABSTRACT Download Article[208 Kb]

The Effect of Incorporating Good Learners' Ratings in e-Learning Content-based Recommender System

Khairil Imran Ghauth, Nor Aniza Abdullah

Pages 248?57 ABSTRACT Download Article[100 Kb]

Student Engagement with, and Participation in, an e-Forum

Roger B. Mason

Pages 258?68 ABSTRACT Download Article[138 Kb]

Efficacy of Simulation-Based Learning of Electronics Using Visualization and Manipulation

Yu-Lung Chen, Yu-Ru Hong, Yao-Ting Sung, Kuo-En Chang

Pages 269?77 ABSTRACT Download Article[375 Kb]

Designing Online Learning Modules in Kinesiology

Brian K. McFarlin, Randi J. Weintraub, Whitney Breslin, Katie C. Carpenter, Kelley Strohacker

Pages 278?84 ABSTRACT Download Article[325 Kb]
Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Handbook of Online Learning (2nd Edition)

Reviewer: Martha Burkle

Pages 285-286   Download Article[33 Kb]

Process Guide for Students for Interdisciplinary Work in Computer Science/Informatics (2nd Edition)

Reviewer: Vive(k) Kumar

Pages 287-288   Download Article[36 Kb]
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