2001, Vol. 4, Issue 3

Special Issue on "Curriculum, Instruction, and Learning on the Internet"

Guest Editor(s): Muhammad K. Betz

Formal Discussion SummariesTimes Downloaded:

Distilling a Language for Cyberspace

Moderator(s) and Summarizer(s): John Laurie

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Establishing a community of learners: the use of Information Technology (IT) as an effective learning tool in rural primary or elementary schools

Moderator(s): Des Wilmore, Summarizer(s): Leslie Henrickson

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CALL: Can a teacher do it alone?

Moderator(s) and Summarizer(s): Charles Adamson

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Special Issue ArticlesTimes Downloaded:


Muhammad K. Betz

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Developing self-searched curriculum based on epistemic queries

Parthasarathi Banerjee

Pages 29-36 HTML Download Article[47 Kb]

Integrating Adaptive Educational Content into Different Courses and Curricula

Charalampos Karagiannidis , Demetrios Sampson, Fabrizio Cardinali

Pages 37-44 HTML Download Article[216 Kb]

SourceFinder: Course preparation via linguistically targeted web search

Irvin R. Katz,  Malcolm I. Bauer

Pages 45-49 HTML Download Article[225 Kb]

Supporting diverse learners through a website for teaching research methods

Kim G. Lie, V. Cano

Pages 50-63 HTML Download Article[66 Kb]

Teaching Action Research on the Web

Ian Hughes

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Internet Instructional Method: Effects on Students’ Performance

Norshuhada Shiratuddin

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Electronic Pedagogical Practice: The Art and Science of Teaching and Learning On-Line

Julia M. Matuga

Pages 77-84 HTML Download Article[45 Kb]

Let’s Chat: Chat Rooms in the Elementary School

Julia M. Matuga

Pages 85-86 HTML Download Article[13 Kb]

Cost-Effective Multimedia in On-line Teaching

Chris Jesshope

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Web Browsing, Mobile Computing and Academic Performance

Michael Grace-Martin, Geri Gay

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Interactivity Research Studies

Brent Muirhead

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Applying Constructivist and Objectivist Learning Theories in the Design of A Web-Based Course: Implications for Practice

Mahnaz Moallem

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Exploring Learning in a Technology-Enhanced Environment

Barbara J. Daley, Karen Watkins, Saundra Wall Williams, Bradley Courtenay, Mike Davis, Darryl Dymock

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What is needed for effective learning on the Internet?

Alfred Bork

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Full Length ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Some national and regional frameworks for integrating information and communication technology into school education

Andrew E. Fluck

Pages 145-152 HTML Download Article[34 Kb]

Investigating the multiple worlds of teaching through multiloguing

Elizabeth Murphy

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Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Sustaining Distance Training

Reviewer: Albert Ip

Pages 160 HTML Download Article[20 Kb]

The Digital Classroom: How Technology Is Changing The Way We Teach and Learn

Reviewer: Linda Shaw

Pages 161-162 HTML Download Article[15 Kb]

Internet Technology for Schools

Reviewer: Lyn Henderson

Pages 163-165 HTML Download Article[27 Kb]
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