1999, Vol. 2, Issue 3

Special Issue on ""Learning by Doing" State of Distance Education"

Guest Editor(s): Mary E. Lee

Formal Discussion SummariesTimes Downloaded:

Technology and the Future of Higher Education

Moderator(s): Tom Abeles, Summarizer(s): Doroteia Pita

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Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Information Ecologies


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Formal Discussion SummariesTimes Downloaded:

Development of Standards or Criteria for Effective Online Courses

Moderator(s): David L. Little, Summarizer(s): Bernardo Humberto Banega

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Full Length ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Practical experiences of, and lessons learnt from, Internet technologies in higher education

Stephen Shaw, Simon Polovina

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The Impact of Technology and Distance Education: A Classical Learning Theory Viewpoint

Herb Thompson

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Special Issue ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Distance Learning as "Learning by Doing"

Mary E. Lee

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Support services for distance education

Sandra Frieden

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Combining technologies to deliver distance education

Cynthia Martine, Vicki Freeman

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From international reciprocal education to multinational reciprocal education

Guillermo Vasquez de Velasco

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TWUMOO: The female collected, and, the female collective - A work in progress on women and the technology that brings their achievements to life

Patricia Nolan

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Evaluating the Texas Woman's University distance education program: A case study

William B. Cissell, Mary E. Cissell, Lynda Murphy

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Issues related to technology in teacher education programs and K-12 public schools in Texas

Deborah V. Jolly, Trina Davis, Arlen Strader, Jon Denton

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An inch deep and a mile wide: Electronic tools for savvy administrators

Carolyn Awalt, Deborah Jolly

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Using instructional theory to facilitate communication in Web-based courses

Susan M. Miller, Kenneth L. Miller

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Case StudiesTimes Downloaded:

Online guided learning

Ray Jones, Chris Wright

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Invited ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Education calls for a new philosophy

Zygmunt Scheidlinger

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Computer-Assisted Assessment: Impact on Higher Education Institutions

Joanna Bull

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Reviewer: Robert M. Corderoy

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Reviewer: Richard Malinski

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Response to ArticlesTimes Downloaded:


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WebSite ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Harrison's Online

Reviewers: Robert Luke, Aude Dufresne

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The Faculty Connection

Reviewers: Dorota Mularczyk, Karsten D. Wolf

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Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Integrating Technology for Meaningful Learning

Reviewer: Giorgio Casadei

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No Significant Difference Phenomenon

Reviewer: James R. Layton

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The Knowledge Management Yearbook 1999-2000

Reviewer: Kathryn S. Hoff

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