2014, Vol. 17, Issue 1

Special Issue on "Game Based Learning for 21st Century Transferable Skills: Challenges and Opportunities"

Guest Editor(s): Francesco Bellotti, Rosa Maria Bottino, Baltazar Fernández-Manjón and Rob Nadolski

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Guest Editorial: Game Based Learning for 21st Century Transferable Skills: Challenges and Opportunities

Francesco Bellotti, Rosa Maria Bottino, Baltazar Fernández-Manjón, Rob Nadolski

Pages 1-2   Download Article[48 Kb]

Learning When Serious: Psychophysiological Evaluation of a Technology-Enhanced Learning Game

Ben Cowley, Martino Fantato, Charlene Jennett, Martin Ruskov, Niklas Ravaja

Pages 3-16 ABSTRACT Download Article[521 Kb]

Game-Based Assessment of Persistence

Kristen E. DiCerbo

Pages 17-28 ABSTRACT Download Article[419 Kb]

Undertaking an Ecological Approach to Advance Game-Based Learning: A Case Study

Mamta Shah, Aroutis Foster

Pages 29-41 ABSTRACT Download Article[270 Kb]

An Investigation of the Interrelationships between Motivation, Engagement, and Complex Problem Solving in Game-based Learning

Deniz Eseryel, Victor Law, Dirk Ifenthaler, Xun Ge, Raymond Miller

Pages 42-53 ABSTRACT Download Article[221 Kb]

Multi-User Virtual Environments Fostering Collaboration in Formal Education

Nicoletta Di Blas, Paolo Paolini

Pages 54-69 ABSTRACT Download Article[719 Kb]
Invited ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

E-learning in School Education in the Coming 10 Years for Developing 21st Century Skills: Critical Research Issues and Policy Implications

Siu Cheung Kong, Tak-Wai Chan, Patrick Griffin, Ulrich Hoppe, Ronghuai Huang, Kinshuk, Chee Kit Looi, Marcelo Milrad, Cathleen Norris, Miguel Nussbaum, Mike Sharples, Wing Mui Winnie So, Elliot Soloway, Shengquan Yu

Pages 70-78 ABSTRACT Download Article[167 Kb]
Case StudiesTimes Downloaded:

Changing Pedagogy for Modern Learners ?Lessons from an Educator’s Journey of Self-Reflection

Terry Taylor

Pages 79-88 ABSTRACT Download Article[104 Kb]
Full Length ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Collaborative mLearning: A Module for Learning Secondary School Science

Dorothy DeWitt, Saedah Siraj, Norlidah Alias

Pages 89-101 ABSTRACT Download Article[175 Kb]

Facilitating English-Language Reading Performance by a Digital Reading Annotation System with Self-Regulated Learning Mechanisms

Chih-Ming Chen, Jung-Ying Wang, Yen-Chang Chen

Pages 102-114 ABSTRACT Download Article[406 Kb]

Mathematics Synchronous Peer Tutoring System for Students with Learning Disabilities

Mengping Tsuei

Pages 115-127 ABSTRACT Download Article[683 Kb]

A Jigsaw-based Cooperative Learning Approach to Improve Learning Outcomes for Mobile Situated Learning

Yueh-Min Huang, Yi-Wen Liao, Shu-Hsien Huang, Hsin-Chin Chen

Pages 128-140 ABSTRACT Download Article[677 Kb]

The Integration of Concept Mapping in a Dynamic Assessment Model for Teaching and Learning Accounting

David Tawei Ku, Ju-ling Shih, Su-Huan Hung

Pages 141-153 ABSTRACT Download Article[544 Kb]

A Novel Agent-Supported Academic Online Examination System

Tuğrul TAŞCI, Zekeriya PARLAK, Alpaslan KİBAR, Nevzat TAŞBAŞI, H. İbrahim CEBECİ

Pages 154-168 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,180 Kb]

A Five-Phase Learning Cycle Approach to Improving the Web-based Problem-Solving Performance of Students

Fan-Ray Kuo, Gwo-Jen Hwang

Pages 169-184 ABSTRACT Download Article[982 Kb]

Demographic Factors, TPACK Constructs, and Teachers?Perceptions of Constructivist-Oriented TPACK

Joyce Hwee Ling Koh, Ching Sing Chai, Ching-Chung Tsai

Pages 185-196 ABSTRACT Download Article[178 Kb]

An Interactive and Collaborative Approach to Teaching Cryptology

Sasa Adamovic, Marko Sarac, Mladen Veinovic, Milan Milosavljevic, Aleksandar Jevremovic

Pages 197-205 ABSTRACT Download Article[212 Kb]

Adaptive vs. Fixed Domain Support in the Context of Scripted Collaborative Learning

Anastasios Karakostas, Stavros Demetriadis

Pages 206-217 ABSTRACT Download Article[159 Kb]

An Investigation of Reading Rate Patterns and Retrieval Outcomes of Elementary School Students with E-books

Tsung-Ho Liang, Yueh-Min Huang

Pages 218-230 ABSTRACT Download Article[512 Kb]

The Effect of Intrapsychology Learning Before and After Interpsychology Activities with a Web-based Sharing Mechanism

Guo-Liang Hsu, Wu-Yuin Hwang

Pages 231-247 ABSTRACT Download Article[424 Kb]

The Effect of Instructional Techniques on Critical Thinking and Critical Thinking Dispositions in Online Discussion

Filiz Kalelioğlu, Yasemin Gülbahar

Pages 248-258 ABSTRACT Download Article[211 Kb]

Adaptive Instruction to Learner Expertise with Bimodal Process-oriented Worked-out Examples

Jihyun Si, Dongsik Kim, Chungsoo Na

Pages 259-271 ABSTRACT Download Article[760 Kb]

A Model-Based Behavior Analysis Approach for Open-Ended Environments

James R. Segedy, Gautam Biswas, Brian Sulcer

Pages 272-282 ABSTRACT Download Article[469 Kb]

Learning Preferences and Motivation of Different Ability Students for Social-Competition or Self-Competition

Zhi-Hong Chen

Pages 283-293 ABSTRACT Download Article[421 Kb]

Role Blending in a Learning Environment Supports Facilitation in a Robotics Class

Ilkka Jormanainen, Erkki Sutinen

Pages 294-306 ABSTRACT Download Article[811 Kb]

Towards an Enhanced Learning Management System for Blended Learning in Higher Education Incorporating Distinct Learners?Profiles

Sofia Balula Dias, José Alves Diniz

Pages 307-319 ABSTRACT Download Article[225 Kb]

The Effects of the E-Book System with the Reading Guidance and the Annotation Map on the Reading Performance of College Students

Liang-Yi Li, Cheng-Yu Fan, Dong-Wei Huang, Gwo-Dong Chen

Pages 320-331 ABSTRACT Download Article[880 Kb]

Potential Negative Effects of Mobile Learning on Students?Learning Achievement and Cognitive Load—A Format Assessment Perspective

Hui-Chun Chu

Pages 332-344 ABSTRACT Download Article[626 Kb]
Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Simulation and Learning: A Model-Centered Approach

Reviewer: Dirk Ifenthaler

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