2015, Vol. 18, Issue 3

Special Issue on "Large Scale Implementations of Academic Research and Academia-Industry Collaboration in Technology-Supported Education"

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Special Issue ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

A Structural Equation Modelling Approach for Massive Blended Synchronous Teacher Training

Kalpana Kannan, Krishnan Narayanan

Pages 1-15 ABSTRACT Download Article[386 Kb]

ET4ET: A Large-Scale Faculty Professional Development Program on Effective Integration of Educational Technology

Sahana Murthy, Sridhar Iyer, Jayakrishnan Warriem

Pages 16-28 ABSTRACT Download Article[861 Kb]

The Factors and Impacts of Large-Scale Digital Content Accreditations

Tony C. T. Kuo, Hong-Ren Chen, Wu-Yuin Hwang, Nian-Shing Chen

Pages 29-48 ABSTRACT Download Article[501 Kb]
Full Length ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Assessing a Collaborative Online Environment for Music Composition

Michele Biasutti

Pages 49-63 ABSTRACT Download Article[864 Kb]

Examining the Effect of Academic Procrastination on Achievement Using LMS Data in e-Learning

Ji Won You

Pages 64-74 ABSTRACT Download Article[163 Kb]

Gamification in Education: A Systematic Mapping Study

Darina Dicheva, Christo Dichev, Gennady Agre, Galia Angelova

Pages 75-88 ABSTRACT Download Article[246 Kb]

Perceived Effectiveness of Using the Life-Like Multimedia Materials Tool

Hung-Hsu Tsai, Yen-Shou Lai, Shih-Che Lo, Pao-Ta Yu

Pages 89-99 ABSTRACT Download Article[563 Kb]

The Intelligent Robot Contents for Children with Speech-Language Disorder

Hawon Lee, Eunja Hyun

Pages 100-113 ABSTRACT Download Article[590 Kb]

Exploring Application, Attitudes and Integration of Video Games: MinecraftEdu in Middle School

Jos?Manuel Sáez-López, John Miller, Esteban Vázquez-Cano, María-Concepción Domínguez-Garrido

Pages 114-128 ABSTRACT Download Article[817 Kb]

Personal Learning Environments Acceptance Model: The Role of Need for Cognition, e-Learning Satisfaction and Students?Perceptions

Salvador del Barrio-García, José L. Arquero, Esteban Romero-Frías

Pages 129-141 ABSTRACT Download Article[338 Kb]

Flipping a College Calculus Course: A Case Study

Alpaslan Sahin, Baki Cavlazoglu, Yunus E. Zeytuncu

Pages 142-152 ABSTRACT Download Article[125 Kb]

Effects of Cueing by a Pedagogical Agent in an Instructional Animation: A Cognitive Load Approach

Hsin I. Yung, Fred Paas

Pages 153-160 ABSTRACT Download Article[168 Kb]

Collaborative Professional Development of Mentor Teachers and Pre-Service Teachers in Relation to Technology Integration

Shih-Hsiung Liu, Hsien-Chang Tsai, Yu-Ting Huang

Pages 161-172 ABSTRACT Download Article[157 Kb]

Personal Learning Network Clusters: A Comparison Between Mathematics and Computer Science Students

Ansie Harding, Johann Engelbrecht

Pages 173-184 ABSTRACT Download Article[137 Kb]

Make E-Learning Effortless! Impact of a Redesigned User Interface on Usability through the Application of an Affordance Design Approach

Hyungjoo Park, Hae-Deok Song

Pages 185-196 ABSTRACT Download Article[630 Kb]

MONTO: A Machine-Readable Ontology for Teaching Word Problems in Mathematics

Aparna Lalingkar, Chandrashekar Ramanathan, Srinivasan Ramani

Pages 197-213 ABSTRACT Download Article[563 Kb]

Constructing Proxy Variables to Measure Adult Learners?Time Management Strategies in LMS

Il-Hyun Jo, Dongho Kim, Meehyun Yoon

Pages 214-225 ABSTRACT Download Article[449 Kb]

Orchestration: Providing Teachers with Scaffolding to Address Curriculum Standards and Students?Pace of Learning

Anita Díaz, Miguel Nussbaum, Hugo Ñopo, Carolina Maldonado-Carreño, Javier Corredor

Pages 226-239 ABSTRACT Download Article[202 Kb]

Towards a Social Networks Model for Online Learning & Performance

Kon Shing Kenneth Chung, Walter Christian Paredes

Pages 240-253 ABSTRACT Download Article[662 Kb]

Enhancing Vocabulary Retention by Embedding L2 Target Words in L1 Stories: An Experiment with Chinese Adult e-Learners

Zi-Gang Ge

Pages 254-265 ABSTRACT Download Article[807 Kb]

Engineering Students Learning Preferences in UNITEN: Comparative Study and Patterns of Learning Styles

Chen Kang Lee, Manjit Singh Sidhu

Pages 266-281 ABSTRACT Download Article[308 Kb]

Development of an Inquiry-Based Learning Support System Based on an Intelligent Knowledge Exploration Approach

Ji-Wei Wu, Judy C. R. Tseng, Gwo-Jen Hwang

Pages 282 - 300 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,521 Kb]

A Role-Play Game to Facilitate the Development of Students?Reflective Internet Skills

Wilfried Admiraal

Pages 301 - 308 ABSTRACT Download Article[224 Kb]

Using Mixed-Modality Learning Strategies via e-Learning for Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition

Fang-Chuan Ou Yang, Wen-Chi Vivian Wu

Pages 309 - 322 ABSTRACT Download Article[557 Kb]
Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

What Connected Educators Do Differently

Reviewer: Christopher Bowen

Pages 323 - 325   Download Article[51 Kb]

The Chicago Handbook of University Technology Transfer and Academic Entrepreneurship

Reviewer: Hadi Shaheen

Pages 326 - 327   Download Article[39 Kb]

Music and the Making of Modern Science

Reviewers: Rébecca Guillot, Isabelle Guillot

Pages 328 - 329   Download Article[39 Kb]
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