2002, Vol. 5, Issue 3

Special Issue on "Evaluation of Learning Technologies in Higher Education"

Guest Editor(s): Grainne Conole

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Grainne Conole

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Sub-Theme:Methodological Issues

Towards effective practitioner evaluation: an exploration of issues relating to skills, motivation and evidence

Jen Harvey, Martin Oliver, Janice Smith

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Improving use of learning technologies in higher education through participant oriented evaluations

David Dwayne Williams

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What does 'impact' mean in the evaluation of learning technology?

Dr. Martin Oliver , Dr. Jen Harvey

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Sub-Theme:Cultural and gender issues

Power, Voice and Democratization: Feminist Pedagogy and Assessment in CMC

Katy Campbell, Ph.D.

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Email as a learning technology in the South Pacific: An evaluation

Jonathan Frank, Janet Toland

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Sub-Theme:Email other technologies

Preparing students for the virtual organisation: an evaluation of learning with virtual learning technologies

Trish Andrews, Gavin Schwarz

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An evaluation of an online course for medical practitioners

Grainne Conole, Mike Hall and Susan Smith

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Contrasts in learning: a collaborative evaluation by practitioners and students

Liz Creese, Jane Kemelfield

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Sub-Theme:Virtual learning environments

Towards Capturing Complexity: an interactive framework for institutional evaluation

Frances Deepwell

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Evaluating the usability of Web-based learning tools

M.-A. Storey, B. Phillips, M. Maczewski, M. Wang

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Monitoring distance education students' practical programming activities

Dr Pete Thomas, Carina Paine

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Sub-Theme:Multimedia and adaptive interactive environments

Evaluating an interactive learning environment in management education

Meliha Handzic, Denise Tolhurst

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Effective Use of a Range of Authentic Assessments in a Web Assisted Pharmacology Course

Dr. Nydia R. Hanna

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Adaptive Web-based Engine for the Evaluation of eLearning Resources

Lampros K. Stergioulas, Hasan Ahmed , Costas S. Xydeas

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A rocky journey toward effective assessment of visualization modules for learning enhancement in Engineering Mechanics

Dan Jensen, Brian Self, Don Rhymer, John Wood, Marty Bowe

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Evaluation of the Basic Life Support CD-ROM: Its effectiveness as learning tool and user experiences

Pam Moule

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Full Length ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Interactivity in Distance Learning: The Digital Divide and Student Satisfaction

Larry R. Irons, Ph.D., Donald J. Jung, Ph.D., Robert O. Keel

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Promoting Liberal Arts Thinking through Online Discussion: A Practical Application and its Theoretical Basis

Dr. Dave S. Knowlton

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Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Knowledge Management in the SocioTechnical World The Graffiti Continues

Reviewer: Bhavani Sridharan

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Response to ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

The Experience of Practitioners with Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning: A Response

Russell Butson

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