2016, Vol. 19, Issue 2

Special Issue on "Intelligent and Affective Learning Environments: New Trends and Challenges"

Guest Editor(s): Ramón Zatarain-Cabada, Giner Alor-Hernández, María Lucía Barrón-Estrada, Ricardo Colomo-Palacios , Hao-Chiang Koong Lin

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Guest Editorial: Intelligent and Affective Learning Environments: New Trends and Challenges

Ramón Zatarain-Cabada, Giner Alor-Hernández, María Lucía Barrón-Estrada, Ricardo Colomo-Palacios, Hao-Chiang Koong Lin

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PlayIT: Game Based Learning Approach for Teaching Programming Concepts

Anuradha Mathrani, Shelly Christian, Agate Ponder-Sutton

Pages 5-17 ABSTRACT Download Article[765 Kb]

KAPEAN: Understanding Affective States of Children with ADHD

Fernando Martínez, Claudia Barraza, Nimrod González, Juan González

Pages 18-28 ABSTRACT Download Article[903 Kb]

Affective Behavior and Nonverbal Interaction in Collaborative Virtual Environments

Adriana Peña, Nora Rangel, Mirna Muñoz, Jezreel Mejia, Graciela Lara

Pages 29-41 ABSTRACT Download Article[756 Kb]

A Computational Model of Learners Achievement Emotions Using Control-Value Theory

Karla Muñoz, Julieta Noguez, Luis Neri, Paul Mc Kevitt, Tom Lunney

Pages 42-56 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,268 Kb]

Cross Space: The Exploration of SNS-Based Writing Activities in a Multimodal Learning Environment

Kwang-Soon Lee, Bong-Gyu Kim

Pages 57-76 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,441 Kb]

Identification of Action Units Related to Affective States in a Tutoring System for Mathematics

Gustavo Padrón-Rivera, Genaro Rebolledo-Mendez, Pilar Pozos Parra, N. Sofia Huerta-Pacheco

Pages 77-86 ABSTRACT Download Article[183 Kb]

Analyzing How Emotion Awareness Influences Students?Motivation, Engagement, Self-Regulation and Learning Outcome

Marta Arguedas, Thanasis Daradoumis, Fatos Xhafa

Pages 87-103 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,162 Kb]

The Effects of Positive and Negative Mood on Cognition and Motivation in Multimedia Learning Environment

Tze Wei Liew, Su-Mae Tan

Pages 104-115 ABSTRACT Download Article[550 Kb]

Designing Empathetic Animated Agents for a B-Learning Training Environment within the Electrical Domain

Yasmín Hernández, Miguel Pérez-Ramírez, Ramón Zatarain-Cabada, Lucía Barrón-Estrada, Giner Alor-Hernández

Pages 116-131 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,213 Kb]

Construction of Multi-mode Affective Learning System: Taking Affective Design as an Example

Hao-Chiang Koong Lin, Sheng-Hsiung Su, Ching-Ju Chao, Cheng-Yen Hsieh, Shang-Chin Tsai

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A Review on the Use of Robots in Education and Young Children

Lai Poh Emily Toh, Albert Causo, Pei-Wen Tzuo, I-Ming Chen, Song Huat Yeo

Pages 148-163 ABSTRACT Download Article[560 Kb]

Tabletops for Peace: Technology Enhanced Peacemaking in School Contexts

Andri Ioannou, Chrystalla Antoniou

Pages 164-176 ABSTRACT Download Article[818 Kb]

Exploring Engaging Gamification Mechanics in Massive Online Open Courses

Jen-Wei Chang, Hung-Yu Wei

Pages 177-203 ABSTRACT Download Article[873 Kb]

Subgroup Discovery with User Interaction Data: An Empirically Guided Approach to Improving Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Eric G. Poitras, Susanne P. Lajoie, Tenzin Doleck, Amanda Jarrell

Pages 204-214 ABSTRACT Download Article[648 Kb]

Toward A Unified Modeling of Learner’s Growth Process and Flow Theory

Geiser C. Challco, Fernando R. H. Andrade, Simone S. Borges, Ig I. Bittencourt, Seiji Isotani

Pages 215-227 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,412 Kb]

Identifying Effective Design Features of Technology-Infused Inquiry Learning Modules: A Two-Year Study of Students?Inquiry Abilities

Ying-Shao Hsu, Su-Chi Fang, Wen-Xin Zhang, Hsin-Kai Wu, Pai-Hsing Wu, Fu-Kwun Hwang

Pages 228-244 ABSTRACT Download Article[878 Kb]

A Social Learning Management System Supporting Feedback for Incorrect Answers based on Social Network Services

Jiseong Son, Jeong-Dong Kim, Hong-Seok Na, Doo-Kwon Baik

Pages 245-257 ABSTRACT Download Article[931 Kb]

Group Formation in Mobile Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Contexts: A Systematic Literature Review

Sofiane Amara, Joaquim Macedo, Fatima Bendella, Alexandre Santos

Pages 258-273 ABSTRACT Download Article[821 Kb]

The Search for Pedagogical Dynamism ?Design Patterns and the Unselfconscious Process

Agata Mouasher, Jason M. Lodge

Pages 274-285 ABSTRACT Download Article[841 Kb]

The Impact of Peer Review on Creative Self-efficacy and Learning Performance in Web 2.0 Learning Activities

Chen-Chung Liu, Kuan-Hsien Lu, Leon Yufeng Wu, Chin-Chung Tsai

Pages 286-297 ABSTRACT Download Article[757 Kb]

Academic Achievements and Satisfaction of the Clicker-Aided Flipped Business English Writing Class

Yu Zhonggen, Wang Guifang

Pages 298-312 ABSTRACT Download Article[487 Kb]

A Review of Research on Intercultural Learning through Computer-Based Digital Technologies

Emrullah Yasin Çiftçi

Pages 313-327 ABSTRACT Download Article[594 Kb]

Podcasts: A Factor to Improve Iranian EFL Learner?Self-Regulation Ability and Use of Technology

Somayeh Naseri, Khalil Motallebzadeh

Pages 328-339 ABSTRACT Download Article[495 Kb]

Curriculum Integration of MALL in L1/L2 Pedagogy: Perspectives on Research

Shu-Mei Gloria Chwo, Michael W. Marek, Wen-Chi Vivian Wu

Pages 340-354 ABSTRACT Download Article[583 Kb]

Mining Learning and Crafting Scientific Experiments: A Literature Review on the Use of Minecraft in Education and Research

Steve Nebel, Sascha Schneider, Günter Daniel Rey

Pages 355-366 ABSTRACT Download Article[641 Kb]

Role-Play Game-Enhanced English for a Specific-Purpose Vocabulary-Acquisition Framework

Fang-Chen Lu, Ben Chang

Pages 367-377 ABSTRACT Download Article[498 Kb]

Enacting Viewing Skills with Apps to Promote Collaborative Mathematics Learning

Kay Yong

Pages 378-390 ABSTRACT Download Article[594 Kb]
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Erratum to - Volume 17, Issue 4, pp. 229-241

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