2007, Vol. 10, Issue 4

Special Issue on "Current Approaches to Network-Based Learning in Scandinavia"

Guest Editor(s): Marcelo Milrad and Per Flensburg

EditorialTimes Downloaded:

Current Approaches to Network-Based Learning in Scandinavia (Guest Editorial)

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Special Issue ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Design and Use of Collaborative Network Learning Scenarios: The DoCTA Experience

Barbara Wasson

Pages 3-16 ABSTRACT Download Article[735 Kb]

Dynamic Assessment and the “Interactive Examination”

Anders Jönsson, Nikos Mattheos, Gunilla Svingby, Rolf Attström

Pages 17-27 ABSTRACT Download Article[237 Kb]

Participation in an Educational Online Learning Community

Anders D. Olofsson

Pages 28-38 ABSTRACT Download Article[198 Kb]

Framing Work-Integrated e-Learning with Techno-Pedagogical Genres

Lars Svensson, Christian Östlund

Pages 39-48 ABSTRACT Download Article[453 Kb]

Netlearning and Learning through Networks

Mikael Wiberg

Pages 49-61 ABSTRACT Download Article[335 Kb]

Anytime, Anywhere Learning Supported by Smart Phones: Experiences and Results from the MUSIS Project

Marcelo Milrad, Daniel Spikol

Pages 62-70 ABSTRACT Download Article[378 Kb]

Structuring and Regulating Collaborative Learning in Higher Education with Wireless Networks and Mobile Tools

Sanna Järvelä, Piia Näykki, Jari Laru, Tiina Luokkanen

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Full Length ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Implementation of an Improved Adaptive Testing Theory

Mansoor Al-A'ali

Pages 80-94 ABSTRACT Download Article[365 Kb]

Measures of Partial Knowledge and Unexpected Responses in Multiple-Choice Tests

Shao-Hua Chang, Pei-Chun Lin, Zih-Chuan Lin

Pages 95-109 ABSTRACT Download Article[297 Kb]

Standardization from Below: Science and Technology Standards and Educational Software

Kenneth R. Fleischmann

Pages 110-117 ABSTRACT Download Article[168 Kb]

Factors Influencing Junior High School Teachers’ Computer-Based Instructional Practices Regarding Their Instructional Evolution Stages

Ying-Shao Hsu, Hsin-Kai Wu, Fu-Kwun Hwang

Pages 118-130 ABSTRACT Download Article[337 Kb]

Analysis of Computer Teachers’ Online Discussion Forum Messages about their Occupational Problems

Deniz Deryakulu, Sinan Olkun

Pages 131-142 ABSTRACT Download Article[236 Kb]

The learning computer: low bandwidth tool that bridges digital divide

Russell Johnson, Elizabeth Kemp, Ray Kemp, Peter Blakey

Pages 143-155 ABSTRACT Download Article[361 Kb]

Reliability and Validity of Authentic Assessment in a Web Based Course

Raimundo Olfos, Hildaura Zulantay

Pages 156-173 ABSTRACT Download Article[252 Kb]

Transforming classroom teaching & learning through technology: Analysis of a case study

Rosa Maria Bottino, Elisabetta Robotti

Pages 174-186 ABSTRACT Download Article[280 Kb]

The Relationship of Kolb Learning Styles, Online Learning Behaviors and Learning Outcomes

Hong Lu, Lei Jia, Shu-hong Gong, Bruce Clark

Pages 187-196 ABSTRACT Download Article[191 Kb]

In an Economy for Reusable Learning Objects, Who Pulls the Strings?

Tim Linsey, Christopher Tompsett

Pages 197-208 ABSTRACT Download Article[200 Kb]

I Design; Therefore I Research: Revealing DBR through Personal Narrative

Dave S. Knowlton

Pages 209-223 ABSTRACT Download Article[246 Kb]

Artificial Intelligence Approach to Evaluate Students’ Answerscripts Based on the Similarity Measure between Vague Sets

Hui-Yu Wang, Shyi-Ming Chen

Pages 224-241 ABSTRACT Download Article[392 Kb]

A Web-based Educational Setting Supporting Individualized Learning, Collaborative Learning and Assessment

Agoritsa Gogoulou, Evangelia Gouli, Maria Grigoriadou, Maria Samarakou, Dionisia Chinou

Pages 242-256 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,056 Kb]

Seven Problems of Online Group Learning (and Their Solutions)

Tim S. Roberts, Joanne M. McInnerney

Pages 257-268 ABSTRACT Download Article[204 Kb]

Using Computers to Individually-generate vs. Collaboratively-generate Concept Maps

So Young Kwon, Lauren Cifuentes

Pages 269-280 ABSTRACT Download Article[219 Kb]

Instructional Design for Best Practice in the Synchronous Cyber Classroom

Megan Hastie, Nian-Shing Chen, Yen-Hung Kuo

Pages 281-294 ABSTRACT Download Article[985 Kb]
Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Cases on global e-learning practices: successes and pitfalls

Reviewer: Richard Malinski

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WebSite ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

WordChamp: Learn Language Faster

Reviewer: Ferit Kılıçkaya

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