2005, Vol. 8, Issue 1

Formal Discussion SummariesTimes Downloaded:

Formal online discussions: reflections on process

Moderator(s) and Summarizer(s): Bill Williams

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SCBIZHELP: Information System for Linking Students with Real Business Problems

Abirami Radhakrishnan, Michael D. Crino, Steve Davis, Levent Camlibel

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Translating Constructivism into Instructional Design: Potential and Limitations

Yiasemina Karagiorgi, Loizos Symeou

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Beyond functionality and technocracy: creating human involvement with educational technology

Wim Westera

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Understanding Innovation in Education Using Activity Theory

Donna L. Russell, Art Schneiderheinze

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Learning with Invisible Others: Perceptions of Online Presence and their Relationship to Cognitive and Affective Learning

Tracy Russo, Spencer Benson

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Permanent Injustice: Rawls' Theory of Justice and the Digital Divide

Elizabeth Hendrix

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Designer Support for Online Collaboration and Knowledge Construction

Hong Gao, Amy L. Baylor, E Shen

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An Educational Development Tool Based on Principles of Formal Ontology

Rodolfo Guzzi, Stefano Scarpanti, Giovanni Ballista, Walter Di Nicolantonio

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Experienced and inexperienced Internet users among pre-service teachers: Their use and attitudes toward the Internet

Wong Su Luan, Ng Siew Fung, Mokhtar Nawawi, Tang Sai Hong

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Using Information and Communication Technology in Secondary Schools in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects

Samuel Ereyi Aduwa-Ogiegbaen, Ede Okhion Sunday Iyamu

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The Impact of Computer Augmented Online Learning and Assessment Tool

Misook Heo, Anthony Chow

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Software ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

EMTeachline Mathematics Software

Reviewer: Michael Verhaart

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Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Designing Distributed Learning Environments with Intelligent Software Agents

Reviewer: Ian G. Kennedy

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