2013, Vol. 16, Issue 4

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The Effect of Technology-Supported Co-Sharing on L2 Vocabulary Strategy Development

Yu-Ju Lan

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An Interactive Teaching System for Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation in Bioengineering

Monica Roman, Dorin Popescu, Dan Selișteanu

Pages 17?1 ABSTRACT Download Article[801 Kb]

Designing and implementing a personalized remedial learning system for enhancing the programming learning

Tung-Cheng Hsieh, Ming-Che Lee, Chien-Yuan Su

Pages 32?6 ABSTRACT Download Article[717 Kb]

Learning by Designing Instruction in the Context of Simulation-based Inquiry Learning

Cornelise Vreman-de Olde, Ton de Jong, Hannie Gijlers

Pages 47-58 ABSTRACT Download Article[318 Kb]

Digital Peers to Help Children’s Text Comprehension and Perceptions

Yanghee Kim

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Design of a Dual-Mapping Learning Approach for Problem Solving and Knowledge Construction in Ill-Structured Domains

Bian Wu, Minhong Wang, J. Michael Spector, Stephen J. H. Yang

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Affordances and Constraints of a Wiki for Primary-school Students?Group Projects

Huijuan Fu, Samuel Chu, Wenxia Kang

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Gender Differences in the Reading of E-books: Investigating Children’s Attitudes, Reading Behaviors and Outcomes

Yueh-Min Huang, Tsung-Ho Liang, Chiung-Hui Chiu

Pages 97?10 ABSTRACT Download Article[891 Kb]

Level Up, My-Pet: The Effects of Level-up Mechanism of Educational Agents on Student Learning

Zhi-Hong Chen, Po-Yao Chao, Ming-Chieh Hsu, Chin-Hung Teng

Pages 111?21 ABSTRACT Download Article[477 Kb]

A Service-Based Program Evaluation Platform for Enhancing Student Engagement in Assignments

Ye-Chi Wu, LeeWei Mar, Hewijin Christine Jiau

Pages 122?32 ABSTRACT Download Article[458 Kb]

Blogs and Social Network Sites as Activity Systems: Exploring Adult Informal Learning Process through Activity Theory Framework

Gyeong Mi Heo, Romee Lee

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A 5E Learning Cycle Approach–Based, Multimedia-Supplemented Instructional Unit for Structured Query Language

Hongsiri Piyayodilokchai, Patcharin Panjaburee, Parames Laosinchai, Watcharee Ketpichainarong, Pintip Ruenwongsa

Pages 146?59 ABSTRACT Download Article[306 Kb]

Understanding New Media Literacy: An Explorative Theoretical Framework

Tzu-Bin Lin, Jen-Yi Li, Feng Deng, Ling Lee

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Self-Regulation in e-Learning Environments: A Remedy for Community College?

Haihong Hu, Marcy P. Driscoll

Pages 171?84 ABSTRACT Download Article[283 Kb]

Development of an Adaptive Learning System with Multiple Perspectives based on Students?Learning Styles and Cognitive Styles

Tzu-Chi Yang, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Stephen Jen-Hwa Yang

Pages 185?00 ABSTRACT Download Article[489 Kb]

Effective Trust-aware E-learning Recommender System based on Learning Styles and Knowledge Levels

Pragya Dwivedi, Kamal K. Bharadwaj

Pages 201?16 ABSTRACT Download Article[573 Kb]

An Expert System-based Context-Aware Ubiquitous Learning Approach for Conducting Science Learning Activities

Po-Han Wu, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Wen-Hung Tsai

Pages 217?30 ABSTRACT Download Article[413 Kb]

Digital Performance Learning: Utilizing a Course Weblog for Mediating Communication

Jeanette Novakovich, Erin Cramer Long

Pages 231?41 ABSTRACT Download Article[126 Kb]

A Near-Reality Approach to Improve the e-Learning Open Courseware

Pao-Ta Yu, Yuan-Hsun Liao, Ming-Hsiang Su

Pages 242?57 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,050 Kb]

A Meta-Relational Approach for the Definition and Management of Hybrid Learning Objects

Antonio Navarro, Ana Mª Fernández-Pampillón, Carmen Fernández-Chamizo, Alfredo Fernández-Valmayor

Pages 258?74 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,168 Kb]

The Effects of Peer-Like and Expert-Like Pedagogical Agents on Learners?Agent Perceptions, Task-Related Attitudes, and Learning Achievement

Tze Wei Liew, Su-Mae Tan, Chandrika Jayothisa

Pages 275?86 ABSTRACT Download Article[296 Kb]
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Research on E-Learning and ICT in Education

Reviewer: Myint Swe Khine

Pages 287?89   Download Article[51 Kb]

Digital Games in Language Learning and Teaching

Reviewers: Nuria Otero De Juan, Jesus Garcia Laborda

Pages 290?92   Download Article[46 Kb]
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