2015, Vol. 18, Issue 2

Special Issue on "Technology Supported Assessment in Formal and Informal Learning"

Guest Editor(s): Jesús García Laborda, Demetrios G Sampson, Ronald K. Hambleton and Eduardo Guzman

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Guest Editorial: Technology Supported Assessment in Formal and Informal Learning

Jesús García Laborda, Demetrios G Sampson, Ronald K. Hambleton, Eduardo Guzman

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Tablet-Based Math Assessment: What Can We Learn from Math Apps?

Gabrielle A. Cayton-Hodges, Gary Feng, Xingyu Pan

Pages 3-20 ABSTRACT Download Article[822 Kb]

Using Trialogues to Measure English Language Skills

Youngsoon So, Diego Zapata-Rivera, Yeonsuk Cho, Christine Luce, Laura Battistini

Pages 21-32 ABSTRACT Download Article[634 Kb]

M-AssIST: Interaction and Scaffolding Matters in Authentic Assessment

Patricia Santos, John Cook, Davinia Hernández-Leo

Pages 33-45 ABSTRACT Download Article[667 Kb]

A Web-Based Course Assessment Tool with Direct Mapping to Student Outcomes

Walid Ibrahim, Yacine Atif, Khaled Shuaib, Demetrios Sampson

Pages 46-59 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,232 Kb]

A Reconfigurable Simulation-Based Test System for Automatically Assessing Software Operating Skills

Jun-Ming Su, Huan-Yu Lin

Pages 60-79 ABSTRACT Download Article[2,491 Kb]

A Study of Perceptional Typologies on Computer Based Assessment(CBA): Instructor and Student Perspectives.

Jin-Young Kim

Pages 80-96 ABSTRACT Download Article[761 Kb]

User Acceptance of a Proposed Self-Evaluation and Continuous Assessment System

Antonio Robles-Gómez, Salvador Ros, Roberto Hernández, Llanos Tobarra, Agustín C. Caminero, Jos?M. Agudo

Pages 97-109 ABSTRACT Download Article[505 Kb]

Group Learning Assessment: Developing a Theory-Informed Analytics

Wanli Xing, Robert Wadholm, Eva Petakovic, Sean Goggins

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Does digital scholarship through online lectures affect student learning?

Shelley Kinash, Diana Knight, Matthew McLean

Pages 129-139 ABSTRACT Download Article[467 Kb]

A Two-Stage Multi-Agent Based Assessment Approach to Enhance Students?Learning Motivation through Negotiated Skills Assessment

Abdelhafid Chadli, Fatima Bendella, Erwan Tranvouez

Pages 140-152 ABSTRACT Download Article[824 Kb]

An Exploration into Improving Examinees?Acceptance of Participation in an Online Exam

I-Fan Liu, Ruey-Shin Chen, Hao-Chun Lu

Pages 153-165 ABSTRACT Download Article[729 Kb]

Apply an Augmented Reality in a Mobile Guidance to Increase Sense of Place for Heritage Places

Yu-Lien Chang, Huei-Tse Ho, Chao-Yang Pan, Yao-Ting Sung, Kuo-En Chang

Pages 166-178 ABSTRACT Download Article[521 Kb]

Conceptual Tutoring Software for Promoting Deep Learning: A Case Study

Angela Stott, Annemarie Hattingh

Pages 179-194 ABSTRACT Download Article[796 Kb]

Students?Groupwork Management in Online Collaborative Learning Environments

Jianzhong Xu, Jianxia Du, Xitao Fa

Pages 195-205 ABSTRACT Download Article[526 Kb]

From Learning Object to Learning Cell: A Resource Organization Model for Ubiquitous Learning

Shengquan Yu, Xianmin Yang, Gang Cheng, Minjuan Wang

Pages 206-224 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,857 Kb]

Analyzing Log Files to Predict Students?Problem Solving Performance in A Computer-Based Physics Tutor

Young-Jin Lee

Pages 225-236 ABSTRACT Download Article[819 Kb]

The Comparison of Solitary and Collaborative Modes of Game-based Learning on Students?Science Learning and Motivation

Ching-Huei Chen, Kuan-Chieh Wang, Yu-Hsuan Lin

Pages 237-248 ABSTRACT Download Article[759 Kb]

The Role of ICT Infrastructure in Its Application to Classrooms: A Large Scale Survey for Middle and Primary Schools in China

Chun Lu, Chin-Chung Tsai, Di Wu

Pages 249-261 ABSTRACT Download Article[535 Kb]

Impeding Phenomena Emerging from Students?Constructivist Online Game-Based Learning Process: Implications for the Importance of Teacher Facilitation

Morris Siu-yung Jong, Junjie Shang

Pages 262-283 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,173 Kb]

A Learning Style-based Grouping Collaborative Learning Approach to Improve EFL Students?Performance in English Courses

Yu-Chen Kuo, Hui-Chun Chu, Chi-Hao Huang

Pages 284-298 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,179 Kb]

Learning Mathematics with Interactive Whiteboards and Computer-Based Graphing Utility

Ayhan Kursat Erbas, Muge Ince, Sukru Kaya

Pages 299-312 ABSTRACT Download Article[881 Kb]

Effects of Verbal Components in 3D Talking-head on Pronunciation Learning among Non-native Speakers

Ahmad Zamzuri Mohamad Al, Kogilathah Segaran, Tan Wee Hoe

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Applying The CHAID Algorithm to Analyze How Achievement is Influenced by University Students?Demographics, Study Habits, and Technology Familiarity

Bahar Baran, Eylem Kılıç

Pages 323-355 ABSTRACT Download Article[849 Kb]

Exploring Elementary-School Students?Engagement Patterns in a Game-Based Learning Environment

Ya-Hui Hsieh, Yi-Chun Lin, Huei-Tse Hou

Pages 336-348 ABSTRACT Download Article[584 Kb]

Understanding the Self-Directed Online Learning Preferences, Goals, Achievements, and Challenges of MIT OpenCourseWare Subscribers

Curtis J. Bonk, Mimi Miyoung Lee, Xiaojing Kou, Shuya Xu, Feng-Ru Sheu

Pages 349-365 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,220 Kb]

The Multimedia-Based Learning System Improved Cognitive Skills and Motivation of Disabled Children with a Very High Rate

Sawsan Saad, Amal Dandashi, Jihad M. Aljaam, Moataz Saleh

Pages 366-379 ABSTRACT Download Article[857 Kb]

Revisiting the Blended Learning Literature: Using a Complex Adaptive Systems Framework

Yuping Wang, Xibin Han, Juan Yang

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Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Book review: Active Learning Spaces: New Directions for Teaching and Learning (Author: Paul Baepler et al.)

Reviewers: Mingze Sun, Feng-Kuang Chiang

Pages 394-396   Download Article[176 Kb]
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