2000, Vol. 3, Issue 4

Special Issue on "Evaluation of Learning Technology"

Guest Editor(s): Martin Oliver

Formal Discussion SummariesTimes Downloaded:

Enhancing Social Interaction in Computer-Mediated Distance Education

Moderator(s) and Summarizer(s): Brent Muirhead

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Information Technology and schools: the principal’s role

Moderator(s): Des Wilmore, Summarizer(s): Muhammad Betz

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Conference AnnouncementsTimes Downloaded:

IWALT2000 - International Workshop on Advanced Learning Technologies, December 4-6, 2000, Palmerston North, New Zealand


ICALT2000 - International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, August 6-8, 2001, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Special Issue ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

An introduction to the Evaluation of Learning Technology

Martin Oliver

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Mapping the Territory: issues in evaluating large-scale learning technology initiatives

Charles Anderson, Kate Day, Jeff Haywood, Ray Land, Hamish Macleod

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Peering Through a Glass Darkly: Integrative evaluation of an on-line course

Josie Taylor, Mark Woodman, Tamara Sumner, Canan Tosunoglu Blake

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An evaluation model for supporting higher education lecturers in the integration of new learning technologies

Gordon Joyes

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A multi-institutional evaluation of Intelligent Tutoring Tools in Numeric Disciplines

Kinshuk, Ashok Patel, David Russell

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Avoiding holes in holistic evaluation

Malcolm Shaw, Suzanne Corazzi

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Classroom Conundrums: The Use of a Participant Design Methodology

Bridget Cooper, Paul Brna

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Evaluating information and communication technologies for learning

Eileen Scanlon, Ann Jones, Jane Barnard, Julie Thompson, Judith Calder

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A Large-scale ‘local’ evaluation of students’ learning experiences using virtual learning environments

Julie Ann Richardson, Anthony Turner

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Towards a New Cost-Aware Evaluation Framework

Charlotte Ash

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W3LS: Evaluation framework for World Wide Web learning

Jan van der Veen, Wim de Boer, Maarten van de Ven

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Full Length ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Student Modelling in an Intelligent Tutoring System for the Passive Voice of English Language

Maria Virvou, Dimitris Maras, Victoria Tsiriga

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The Learning Tutor: A Web based Authoring System to Support Distance Tutoring

Maria Chiara Pettenati, Omar Abou Khaled, Christine Vanoirbeek, Dino Giuli

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An empirical appraisal of the effectiveness of adaptive interfaces for instructional systems

John Eklund, Ken Sinclair

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Science Explained

Reviewer: Simon Heppenstall

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