2016, Vol. 19, Issue 4

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The Effects of Captioning Videos on Academic Achievement and Motivation: Reconsideration of Redundancy Principle in Instructional Videos

Muzaffer Ozdemir, Serkan Izmirli, Ozden Sahin-Izmirli

Pages 1-10 ABSTRACT Download Article[569 Kb]

Computer Card Games in Computer Science Education: A 10-Year Review

Maria Kordaki, Anthi Gousiou

Pages 11-21 ABSTRACT Download Article[704 Kb]

ePortfolio-Based Learning Environments: Recommendations for Effective Scaffolding of Reflective Thinking in Higher Education

Pauline Roberts, Dorit Maor, Jan Herrington

Pages 22-33 ABSTRACT Download Article[539 Kb]

An Analysis of Density and Degree-Centrality According to the Social Networking Structure Formed in an Online Learning Environment

Esin Ergün, Yasemin Koçak Usluel

Pages 34-46 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,327 Kb]

Reading Subtitles and Taking Enotes While Learning Scientific Materials in a Multimedia Environment: Cognitive Load Perspectives on EFL Students

John J. H. Lin, Yuan-Husan Lee, Dai-Yi Wang, Sunny S. J. Lin

Pages 47-58 ABSTRACT Download Article[398 Kb]

Comparing the Effectiveness of Self-Learning Java Workshops with Traditional Classrooms

Kiran L. N. Eranki, Kannan M. Moudgalya

Pages 59-74 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,358 Kb]

Effects of WOE Presentation Types Used in Pre-training on the Cognitive Load and Comprehension of Content in Animation-Based Learning Environments

Jaewon Jung, Dongsik Kim, Chungsoo Na

Pages 75-86 ABSTRACT Download Article[721 Kb]

Which Teaching Strategy is Better for Enhancing Anti-Phishing Learning Motivation and Achievement? The Concept Maps on Tablet PCs or Worksheets?

Jerry Chih-Yuan Sun, Kuan-Hsien Lee

Pages 87-99 ABSTRACT Download Article[714 Kb]

Effects of a Peer Assessment System Based on a Grid-based Knowledge Classification Approach on Computer Skills Training

Ting-Chia Hsu (A.K.A. Ching-Kun Hsu)

Pages 100-111 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,101 Kb]

Design and Implementation of Technology Enabled Affective Learning Using Fusion of Bio-physical and Facial Expression

Arindam Ray, Amlan Chakrabarti

Pages 112-125 ABSTRACT Download Article[786 Kb]

Exploring Teaching Programming Online through Web Conferencing System: The Lens of Activity Theory

Ünal Çakıroğlu, Mehmet Kokoç, Elvan Kol, Ebru Turan

Pages 126-139 ABSTRACT Download Article[664 Kb]

Usefulness of Social Network Sites for Adolescents?Development of Online Career Skills

Mariëlle Rutten, Anje Ros, Marinka Kuijpers, Karel Kreijns

Pages 140-150 ABSTRACT Download Article[500 Kb]

A Mobile Application to Improve Learning Performance of Dyslexic Children with Writing Difficulties

Rabbia Tariq, Seemab Latif

Pages 151-166 ABSTRACT Download Article[898 Kb]

Promoting Student Metacognition through the Analysis of Their Own Debates. Is it Better with Text or with Graphics?

Marc Lafuente Martínez, Ibis M. Álvarez Valdivia

Pages 167-177 ABSTRACT Download Article[481 Kb]

Advancing Adventure Education Using Digital Motion-Sensing Games

Ju-Ling Shih, Yu-Jen Hsu

Pages 178-189 ABSTRACT Download Article[583 Kb]

Evaluation of Intercultural Instructional Multimedia Material on Implicit Xenophobic Cognition: Short Time Effects on Implicit Information Processing

Joerg Zumbach, Gerhard Schrangl, Chad Mortensen, Stephanie Moser

Pages 190-202 ABSTRACT Download Article[678 Kb]

The Effect of the Digital Classroom on Academic Success and Online Technologies Self-Efficacy

Mehmet Arif Ozerbas, Bilge Has Erdogan

Pages 203-212 ABSTRACT Download Article[502 Kb]

The Effectiveness Evaluation among Different Player-Matching Mechanisms in a Multi-Player Quiz Game

Fu-Hsing Tsai

Pages 213-224 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,079 Kb]

The Impact of Cultural Dimensions on Online Learning

Pilar Gómez-Rey, Elena Barbera, Francisco Fernández-Navarro

Pages 225-238 ABSTRACT Download Article[629 Kb]

Integration of Mobile AR Technology in Performance Assessment

Chao Kuo-Hung, Chang Kuo-En, Lan Chung-Hsien, Kinshuk, Sung Yao-Ting

Pages 239-251 ABSTRACT Download Article[942 Kb]
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