2008, Vol. 11, Issue 2

Special Issue on "Context-Aware and Ubiquitous Learning"

Guest Editor(s): Stephen J.H. Yang, Toshio Okamoto and Shian-Shyong Tseng

Special Issue ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Context-Aware and Ubiquitous Learning (Guest Editorial)

Stephen J.H. Yang, Toshio Okamoto, Shian-Shyong Tseng

Pages 1-2   Download Article[111 Kb]

Using annotation services in a ubiquitous Jigsaw cooperative learning environment

Yueh-Min Huang, Tien-Chi Huang, Meng-Yeh Hsieh

Pages 3-15 ABSTRACT Download Article[597 Kb]

Designing a Self-contained Group Area Network for Ubiquitous Learning

Nian-Shing Chen, Kinshuk, Chun-Wang Wei, Stephen J.H. Yang

Pages 16-26 ABSTRACT Download Article[506 Kb]

Augmenting Traditional Books with Context-Aware Learning Supports from Online Learning Communities

Gwo-Dong Chen, Po-Yao Chao

Pages 27-40 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,058 Kb]

Contextualised Media for Learning

Tim de Jong, Marcus Specht, Rob Koper

Pages 41-53 ABSTRACT Download Article[314 Kb]

From Virtual Environments to Physical Environments: Exploring Interactivity in Ubiquitous-learning Systems

Hsinyi Peng, Chien Chou, Chun-Yu Chang

Pages 54-66 ABSTRACT Download Article[258 Kb]

Effects of a Mobile Electronic Guidebook on Visitors?Attention and Visiting Behaviors

Yao-Ting Sung, Kuo-En Chang, Yi-Hsuan Lee, Wen-Cheng Yu

Pages 67-80 ABSTRACT Download Article[497 Kb]

Criteria, Strategies and Research Issues of Context-Aware Ubiquitous Learning

Gwo-Jen Hwang, Chin-Chung Tsai, Stephen J.H. Yang

Pages 81-91 ABSTRACT Download Article[535 Kb]

Towards Ubiquitous Communication Support for Distance Education with Alert Management

Dickson K.W. Chiu, Samuel P.M. Choi, Minhong Wang, Eleanna Kafeza

Pages 92-106 ABSTRACT Download Article[502 Kb]
Full Length ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

The Culture Based Model: Constructing a Model of Culture

Patricia A. Young

Pages 107?18 ABSTRACT Download Article[277 Kb]

Learning Objects Update: Review and Critical Approach to Content Aggregation

Panos Balatsoukas, Anne Morris, Ann O’Brien

Pages 119-130 ABSTRACT Download Article[273 Kb]

Toward an Open and Interoperable e-Learning Portal: OEPortal

Kevin Chihcheng Hsu, Fang-Chuan Ou Yang

Pages 131-148 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,348 Kb]

Computer-Supported Teacher Development of Pedagogical Content Knowledge through Developing School-Based Curriculum

Yih-Ruey Juang, Tzu-Chien Liu, Tak-Wai Chan

Pages 149-170 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,004 Kb]

An Object-Oriented Course Framework for Developing Adaptive Learning Systems

Shian-Shyong Tseng, Jun-Ming Su, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Gwo-Haur Hwang, Chin-Chung Tsai, Chang-Jiun Tsai

Pages 171-191 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,092 Kb]

Dealing with the Students' Attention Problem in Computer Supported Face-to-Face Lecturing

Nelson Baloian, José A. Pino, H. Ulrich Hoppe

Pages 192-205 ABSTRACT Download Article[347 Kb]

Using Taxonomic Indexing Trees to Efficiently Retrieve SCORM-compliant Documents in e-Learning Grids

Wen-Chung Shih, Shian-Shyong Tseng, Chao-Tung Yang

Pages 206-226 ABSTRACT Download Article[935 Kb]

A Framework for Adopting LMS to Introduce e-Learning in a Traditional Course

Katerina Georgouli, Ilias Skalkidis, Pedro Guerreiro

Pages 227-240 ABSTRACT Download Article[558 Kb]

A ‘Uses and Gratification Expectancy Model?to predict students?‘Perceived e-Learning Experience?/p>

Makingu Mondi, Peter Woods, Ahmad Rafi

Pages 241-261 ABSTRACT Download Article[311 Kb]

A Structural Equation Model for ICT Usage in Higher Education

Yasemin Koçak Usluel, Petek Aşkar, Turgay Baş

Pages 262-273 ABSTRACT Download Article[324 Kb]

Perceptions of Instructional Technology: Factors of Influence and Anticipated Consequences

Robyn E. Parker, Alison Bianchi, Tsui Yi Cheah

Pages 274-293 ABSTRACT Download Article[252 Kb]

Short-Term Psychological Effects of Interactive Video Game Technology Exercise on Mood and Attention

William D. Russell, Mark Newton

Pages 294-308 ABSTRACT Download Article[251 Kb]

A Virtual Change Agent: Motivating Pre-service Teachers to Integrate Technology in Their Future Classrooms

ChanMin Kim, Amy L. Baylor

Pages 309-321 ABSTRACT Download Article[231 Kb]

Contributions to Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems via on-line Learning Style Estimation

Sotiris Botsios, Demetrius Georgiou, Nikolaos Safouris

Pages 322-339 ABSTRACT Download Article[500 Kb]
Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Control and Constraint in E-Learning - Choosing When to Choose

Reviewer: Sabine Graf

Pages 340-343   Download Article[131 Kb]

Blended Learning Tools for Teaching and Training

Reviewer: Esyin Chew

Pages 344-347   Download Article[141 Kb]
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