2000, Vol. 3, Issue 3

Special Issue on "On-line Collaborative Learning Environments"

Guest Editor(s): Roger Hartley

Formal Discussion SummariesTimes Downloaded:

Can abstraction be used as a unifying guideline to design intelligent educational systems?

Moderator(s): Ruddy Lelouche, Summarizer(s): Magali Seguran

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Knowledge transfer and technology in education: toward a complete learning environment

Moderator(s) and Summarizer(s): Ania Lian

Pages 13-26 HTML Download Article[218 Kb]

Communications Technology and Personal Identity Formation

Moderator(s) and Summarizer(s): Leslie Henrickson

Pages 27-38 HTML Download Article[196 Kb]

Implementing Virtual Learning Environments: Looking for Holistic Approach

Moderator(s) and Summarizer(s): Mario Barajas, Martin Owen

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IWALT2000 - International Workshop on Advanced Learning Technologies

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Roger Hartley

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Sub-Theme:Collaborative Systems

Different (Key)strokes for Different Folks: Designing online venues for professional communities

Liwana S. Bringelson, Tom Carey

Pages 58-64 HTML Download Article[209 Kb]

An Agent Infrastructure to set Collaborative Environments

Carlos José M. Olguín, Armando Luiz N. Delgado, Ivan Luiz M. Ricarte

Pages 65-73 HTML Download Article[379 Kb]

The Virtual School: An integrated collaborative environment for the classroom

Philip L. Isenhour, John M. Carroll, Dennis C. Neale, Mary Beth Rosson, Daniel R. Dunlap

Pages 74-86 HTML Download Article[282 Kb]

NetChat: Communication and Collaboration via WWW

Reinhard Kreutz,  Sven Kiesow, Klaus Spitzer

Pages 87-93 HTML Download Article[206 Kb]

Web-Supported Emergent-Collaboration In Higher Education Courses

Rafi Nachmias, David Mioduser, Avigail Oren, Judith Ram

Pages 94-104 HTML Download Article[207 Kb]

Acquiring Working Knowledge through Asynchronous Multimedia Conferencing

Cleo Sgouropoulou, Anastasios Koutoumanos, Peter Goodyear, Emmanuel Skordalakis

Pages 105-111 HTML Download Article[244 Kb]

Increasing Access to Learning With Hybrid Audio-Data Collaboration

Michael W. Freeman, Lawrence W. Grimes, J. Ray Holliday

Pages 112-121 HTML Download Article[46 Kb]

The NetAcademy as a Medium for Learning Communities

Sabine Seufert

Pages 122-136 HTML Download Article[432 Kb]

The Knowledge Depot: Building and Evaluating a Knowledge Management System

Beatrix Zimmermann, Michael Atwood, Sabina Webb, Michael Kantor

Pages 137-149 HTML Download Article[240 Kb]

Sub-Theme:The Pedagogies of Collaborative Learning

Concept Mapping as a Collaborative Tool for Enhanced Online Learning

Anna Cicognani

Pages 150-158 HTML Download Article[185 Kb]

Pre-class Planning to Scaffold Students for Online Collaborative Learning Activities

Xun Ge, Kelly Ann Yamashiro, Jack Lee

Pages 159-168 HTML Download Article[174 Kb]

Using BSCW in Learning & Teaching

Pat Jefferies, Ian Constable

Pages 169-178 HTML Download Article[212 Kb]

Structure and Discourse in a telematic learning environment

Martin Owen

Pages 179-189 HTML Download Article[181 Kb]

Dynamic Goal-Based Role-Play Simulation on the Web: A Case Study

Som Naidu, Albert Ip, Roni Linser

Pages 190-202 HTML Download Article[378 Kb]

Towards First Year Biology online: a virtual learning environment

Mary Peat

Pages 203-207 HTML Download Article[154 Kb]

Sub-Theme:Collaborative Interactions

Peer Feedback in Synchronous Writing Environments: A Case Study in French

Trude Heift, Catherine Caws

Pages 208-214 HTML Download Article[169 Kb]

Conferencing in communities of learners: examples from social history and science communication

Ann Jones, Eileen Scanlon, Canan Blake

Pages 215-226 HTML Download Article[230 Kb]

Law On-Line:A Collaborative, Web-Based Journey in the Law and Social Sciences

Cynthia L. Cates, Wayne V. McIntosh

Pages 227-236 HTML Download Article[192 Kb]

Identifying collaboration patterns in collaborative telelearning scenarios

Barbara Wasson, Anders I. Mørch

Pages 237-248 HTML Download Article[375 Kb]

The Body Matrix: A Phenomenological Exploration of Student Bodies On-line

Paulette Robinson

Pages 249-260 HTML Download Article[183 Kb]


Bridging Gaps Between Cultures, Classrooms and Schools

Johanna E. Cena

Pages 261-266 HTML Download Article[141 Kb]

The FORESEE Project: Connecting Communities to Create Competence

Cathy L. Crossland, Larry K. Monteith, Thomas K. Miller, Lynne B. Brock, Roel Cuejilo, Mary Anne Wheeler, Rebecca Viersen, Laura Zielinski

Pages 267-272 HTML Download Article[145 Kb]

MaSTech: An on-line community to support preservice and new teachers of middle grades mathematics and science

Susan N. Friel

Pages 273-285 HTML Download Article[203 Kb]

VIRLAN: Collaborative Foreign Language Learning on the Internet for Primary Age Children: Problems and a Solution

Anastasia Garbi

Pages 286-292 HTML Download Article[211 Kb]

The Mystery Project: Bridging the Gap On-line

Esther J Dunbar, Susan Linklater, David Oakey

Pages 293-307 HTML Download Article[229 Kb]

Parallel On-Line and In-Class Sections of "Writing for the Professions": A Practical Experiment

Victoria Hay, Dennis Isbell

Pages 308-316 HTML Download Article[199 Kb]

Steps toward computer-supported collaborative learning for large classes

Stefano Renzi, Jane Klobas

Pages 317-328 HTML Download Article[539 Kb]

Task Structuring for On-line Problem Based Learning: A Case Study

Vanessa Paz Dennen

Pages 329-336 HTML Download Article[151 Kb]

Using Case Method and Experts in Inter-University Electronic Learning Teams

Anne Hoag, Thomas F. Baldwin

Pages 337-348 HTML Download Article[193 Kb]

An Evaluation of Computer Mediated Communication to Support Group Discussion in Continuing Education

Dr. Rachel Pilkington, Dr. Catherine Bennett, Dr. Sarah Vaughan

Pages 349-360 HTML Download Article[461 Kb]

Karen Ragoonaden, Pierre Bordeleau

Pages 361-372 HTML Download Article[179 Kb]

Learning through Collaboration in a Distributed Education Environment

Pete Thomas, Linda Carswell

Pages 373-383 HTML Download Article[178 Kb]

Sub-Theme:Building Learning Communities

Communities of Practice: A framework for fostering coherence in virtual learning communities

Jim Rogers

Pages 384-392 HTML Download Article[168 Kb]

A Framework for Enabling an Internet Learning Community

Elizabeth Sklar, Jordan Pollack

Pages 393-408 HTML Download Article[877 Kb]

Role of Contracts in Enhancing Community Building in Web Courses

Karen L. Murphy, Sue E. Mahoney, Tina J. Harvell

Pages 409-421 HTML Download Article[210 Kb]

e-Learning Innovation through the Implementation of an Internet Supported Learning Environment

David Smith, Glenn Hardaker

Pages 422-432 HTML Download Article[186 Kb]

Sub-Theme:Teacher Education and Staff Development

The sociality and spatiality of online pedagogy and collaborative learning in an educational media and technologies course

James Milton, Cushla Kapitzke

Pages 433-441 HTML Download Article[173 Kb]

Teacher Collaboration in a Networked Community

Daniel R. Dunlap, Dennis C. Neale, John M. Carroll

Pages 442-454 HTML Download Article[219 Kb]

Using technologies in teaching: an initiative in academic staff development

Christine Spratt, Stuart Palmer, Dr Jo Coldwell

Pages 455-461 HTML Download Article[157 Kb]

Results of a telecollaborative activity involving geographically disparate preservice teachers

Kara M. Dawson, Cheryl L. Mason, Philip Molebash

Pages 470-483 HTML Download Article[318 Kb]

Group Processes Online: Teaching collaboration through collaborative processes

Kath Fisher, Renata Phelps, Allan Ellis

Pages 484-495 HTML Download Article[185 Kb]

Using computer-mediated communication to form a knowledge-building community with beginning teachers

Brian Ferry, Julie Kiggins, Garry Hoban, Lori Lockyer

Pages 496-505 HTML Download Article[170 Kb]

The TRICOM Project: an evaluation of the use of communications technology in initial teacher education

Roy Barton, Michelle Selinger

Pages 506-510 HTML Download Article[138 Kb]
Full Length ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Involving Effectively Teachers and Students in the Life Cycle of an Intelligent Tutoring System

Maria Virvou, Victoria Tsiriga

Pages 511-521 HTML Download Article[205 Kb]
Invited ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Towards a Philosophy of Instruction

J. Michael Spector

Pages 522-525 HTML Download Article[131 Kb]
WebSite ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Math Goodies

Reviewer: Sue Elwood-Salinas

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Math Goodies

Reviewer: Peter Paolucci

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Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

How teachers learn technology best

Reviewer: Richard Malinski

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