2005, Vol. 8, Issue 3

Special Issue on "Authoring of Adaptive Hypermedia"

Guest Editor(s): Alexandra Cristea

Formal Discussion SummariesTimes Downloaded:

Interactive E-learning - Why Canít We Get Beyond Bulletin Boards?

Moderator(s) and Summarizer(s): William R. Klemm

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Special Issue ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Editorial: Authoring of Adaptive Hypermedia

Alexandra Cristea

Pages 6-8 ABSTRACT Download Article[134 Kb]

Personalisation for All: Making Adaptive Course Composition Easy

Declan Dagger, Vincent Wade, Owen Conlan

Pages 9-25 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,325 Kb]

Designing and Generating Educational Adaptive Hypermedia Applications

Symeon Retalis, Andreas Papasalouros

Pages 26-35 ABSTRACT Download Article[282 Kb]

VIDET: a Visual Authoring Tool for Adaptive Websites Tailored to Non-Programmer Teachers

Jacopo Armani

Pages 36-52 ABSTRACT Download Article[440 Kb]

Authoring of Adaptive Computer Assisted Assessment of Free-text Answers

Enrique Alfonseca, Rosa M. Carro, Manuel Freire, Alvaro Ortigosa, Diana Pérez, Pilar Rodríguez

Pages 53-65 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,058 Kb]

An Authoring Environment for Adaptive Testing

Eduardo Guzmán, Ricardo Conejo, Emilio García-Hervás

Pages 66-76 ABSTRACT Download Article[567 Kb]

Patterns in Authoring of Adaptive Educational Hypermedia: A Taxonomy of Learning Styles

Elizabeth Brown, Alexandra Cristea, Craig Stewart, Tim Brailsford

Pages 77-90 ABSTRACT Download Article[543 Kb]
Full Length ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Analysis of the terminology used in the field of virtual learning

Alla Anohina

Pages 91-102 ABSTRACT Download Article[205 Kb]

A Systems Definition of Educational Technology in Society

Rocci Luppicini

Pages 103-109 ABSTRACT Download Article[319 Kb]

Frontiers and frontlines: metaphors describing lecturers?attitudes to ICT adoption

Jenny Gilbert, Rebecca Kelly

Pages 110-121 ABSTRACT Download Article[217 Kb]

Platform Support for Pedagogical Scenarios

Yvan Peter, Thomas Vantroys

Pages 122-137 ABSTRACT Download Article[743 Kb]

A New Assessment for Computer-based Concept Mapping

Kuo-En Chang, Yao-Ting Sung, Rey-Bin Chang, Shui-Cheng Lin

Pages 138-148 ABSTRACT Download Article[381 Kb]

Dynamic Grouping in Collaborative Learning Supported by Wireless Handhelds

Gustavo Zurita, Miguel Nussbaum, Rodrigo Salinas

Pages 149-161 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,441 Kb]

Frameworks for Sharing Teaching Practices

John M. Carroll, Mary Beth Rosson, Dan Dunlap, Philip Isenhour

Pages 162-175 ABSTRACT Download Article[482 Kb]

Team Models in Online Course Development: A Unit-Specific Approach

Deborah M. Alvarez, Kristine Blair, Elizabeth Monske, Amie Wolf

Pages 176-186 ABSTRACT Download Article[200 Kb]

A Model for Content and Communication Management in Synchronous Learning

David Raymond, Kanenishi Kazuhide, Kenji Matsuura, Veronique Baudin, Thierry Gayraud, Yoneo Yano, Michel Diaz

Pages 187-205 ABSTRACT Download Article[537 Kb]

The Implementation of Technology-Based SME Management Development Programmes

James Carr

Pages 206-215 ABSTRACT Download Article[232 Kb]

Achieving E-learning with IMS Learning Design - Workflow Implications at the Open University of the Netherlands

Wim Westera, Francis Brouns, Kees Pannekeet, Jose Janssen, Jocelyn Manderveld

Pages 216-225 ABSTRACT Download Article[289 Kb]

How to create flexible runtime delivery of distance learning courses

Colin Tattersall, Hubert Vogten, Francis Brouns, Rob Koper, Peter van Rosmalen, Peter Sloep, Jan van Bruggen

Pages 226-236 ABSTRACT Download Article[286 Kb]
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