2002, Vol. 5, Issue 1

Special Issue on "Integrating Technology into Learning and Working (Part 1)"

Guest Editor(s): J. Michael Spector and Xuemei Wang

Special Issue ArticlesTimes Downloaded:


J. Michael Spector, Xuemei Wang

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The sociability of computer-supported collaborative learning environment

Karel Kreijns, Paul A. Kirschner, Wim Jochems

Pages 8-22 HTML Download Article[533 Kb]

The experience of practitioners with technology-enhanced teaching and learning

Som Naidu, David Cunnington, Carol Jasen

Pages 23-34 HTML Download Article[57 Kb]

Assessing group learning and shared understanding in technology-mediated interaction

Ingrid Mulder, Janine Swaak, Joseph Kessels

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Sub-Theme:Aspects of technology integration

Establishing Connections: Interactivity Factors for a Distance Education Course

Diane Berger Ehrlich, Ph.D.

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Keeping it flexible: integrating technology into distance education in the South Pacific

Melissa Gold, Jennie Swann, Irene Yee Chief

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Learning from a pilot project to put a college IT curriculum online

Irené Novaczek, Martha Gabriel

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Sub-Theme:Differing perceptions in school settings

Integrating learning technology into classrooms: the importance of teachers' perceptions

Chris Cope, Peter Ward

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Leadership for Technology Integration: The Role of Principals and Mentors

Tanna Kincaid, Lisa Feldner

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Collaborative multimedia development teams in higher education

Gabi Diercks-O’Brien, Ruth Sharratt

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Sub-Theme:Cultural Considerations

Overcoming Social and Psychological Barriers to Effective On-line Collaboration

Sandra C. Hughes, Leah Wickersham, David L. Ryan-Jones, Sara A. Smith

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Human Activity Systems: A Theoretical Framework for Designing Learning for Multicultural Settings

Jill Slay

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Sub-Theme:Systems and environments

Creating Shared Knowledge: Instructional Knowledge Management Systems

Gerald S. Edmonds, Rob Pusch

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Distributed and Online Distance Lecturing Environment (The Virtual Blackboard Project)

Yiannis N. Sagias

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Sub-Theme:Frameworks for evaluation and assessment

A framework for evaluating computer supported collaborative learning

Jim Ewing, David Miller

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Automated Tutorial and Assignment Assessment

Roger F. Browne

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Interactive Astronomy in Elementary Schools

David McKinnon, Helen Geissinger

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Learning to look: real and virtual artifacts

Janet Rountree, William Wong, Robert Hannah

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"Let my laptop lead the way": a Middle Eastern study

Bradley Saunders, Phil Quirke

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The Wisconsin School of the Air: success story with implications

William Bianchi

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Sub-Theme:Individual differences/abilities

AccessAbility: Enabling Technology for Life Long Learning Inclusion in an Electronic Classroom - 2000

Robert Luke

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IT-Giftedness in Children and Adolescents

Julia D. Babaeva, Alexander E. Voiskounsky

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To wire or not to wire? Encyclopaedia Britannica versus Microsoft Encarta

Panagiota Alevizou

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Integrating Internet in Adult Education Schools: The RedVEDA Project

Manuel Area

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Distance Learning Development and Delivery Applications

David A. Tiedemann

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Integrating technology into learning: A summary view of promises and problems

Tiffany A. Koszalka, Xuemei Wang

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Conference AnnouncementsTimes Downloaded:

ICALT2002 - International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, September 9-12, 2002, Kazan, Russia


ICCE2002 - International Conference on Computers in Education, December 3-6, 2002, Auckland, New Zealand

Full Length ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Teaching Motor Disability Assessment over the Web: MODASPECTRA

Salvatore Valenti, Sandro Fioretti, Maurizio Maurizi, Maurizio Panti, Tommaso Leo

Pages 184-198 HTML Download Article[250 Kb]
Invited ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Creating Lifelong Learners through Quality Assurance

James Schoening

Pages 199-200 HTML Download Article[17 Kb]
Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Learning to Change: ICT in Schools

Reviewer: RG Baird

Pages 203-204 HTML Download Article[12 Kb]

Online Learning in the European Community: New Learning

Reviewer: Jason Nolan, PhD

Pages 205-206 HTML Download Article[25 Kb]

Teaching for Learning

Reviewer: Brent Muirhead

Pages 207-208 HTML Download Article[14 Kb]
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